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Episode 10

It's Sarah's first day. Philip and Marcia show her around.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.


Philip: Sarah, good to meet you again! Welcome on board.

Sarah: Thanks, Philip. I'm very pleased to be here.

Philip: I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Where did you go?

Sarah: I went to Thailand. It was lovely – great beaches and lovely food.

Philip: Oh, lucky you! It's time for hard work now, though!

Sarah: I'm ready for it!

Marcia: Let me show you to your office.

Sarah: Didn't know I have my own office! So, you don't hot-desk here?

Marcia: Well, most people do, as you can see, but we thought you'd need all your own private space.

Sarah: Yes, especially if you're meeting clients directly.

Marcia: But the atmosphere is actually quite informal because it's open-plan.

Sarah: Oh, that's good. I like that. You definitely get the sense of everyone being really busy!

Philip: Yes, they are, I hope! 

Marcia: So, this is your space!

Sarah: Wow! Great, lots of space! My last office was much smaller.

Philip: How many people did you work with there?

Sarah: I had a team of three. 

Philip: Well, here you'll have six people under you. We'll introduce you to your sales team after lunch.

Sarah: Hmm, that sounds good. What do you usually do for lunch?

Marcia: Oh, well, some people bring it in, but there's a canteen on the ground floor. Food's actually quite good and pretty cheap!

Sarah: Great.

Philip: Now then, I'll tell you about your schedule. There's a sales and marketing meeting every Monday, as well as a meet-up with various heads of department on Thursday afternoons, just so we know what we're doing.

Marcia: Other than that, how you organise your time is up to you.

Sarah: That's fine. I'm a good time manager! 

Philip: We'll leave you to it, then!

Sarah: I think I'm going to like working here!



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


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Hello Lan Ho,
The reason there isn't a chat room at the moment is that some of our users are children. It's important that we protect them on the Internet and so we can't allow them to be contacted by strangers.
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