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Climate and Geography

So what is the United Kingdom?

To give it its full title it’s ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. You might hear it referred to as Britain, Great Britain or more often, simply as ‘The UK’.

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More or less, I think peopl are influenced by the weather and geography. For example, people living in the Mediterranean and those in heavy snowfall area could be different in terms of patience and diligence.

My native country is small. It is situated in the North. It has also a number of islands. The most part of the country consists of low land. It has a very long coastline. So, the weather is wet and windy but relatively mild.

I think geography always influences a country’s people because to endure different natural conditions people must adapt themselves.

It's not too much to say that people are created by the geographical environment they live, I bet. There are clear differences in languages between people who live in dry regions speak and whose who live in the land with lots of humidity. I hear that people who live in the desert regions, such as Arabic and Hebrew) tend to avoid using vowels. Also, I think there is a certain difference in traits between people living on a continent and an island. ;)

I have one grammatical question about the UK:

I thought before that we must always use article 'the' with 'United Kingdom' - The United Kingdom.

But lastly I started to notice, that sometimes people don't use the article as on this page - http:/--------------------------
'The population of United Kingdom in 2005 was estimated by the United Nations (UN) at 60,068,000, ...".

Is that correct? If so - how can I understand when I must or must not use the article.

Hello Yshc,

'the' should be used before 'UK' in this sentence. The only time I can think of that 'the' would not be used is when 'UK' is being used as an adjective (e.g. 'there are several UK-based companies operating in Madrid', though there may be a few others. In general, though, and especially when 'UK' is a noun, we always say 'the UK'.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Of course geography influence people of that region like in india himalaya situated in North so there is monsoon happen and indian agriculture can grow .

Hello ,
Basically there's three distinct types of climates in Sudan . In the north lies the Great dessert so the weather there is so hot and dry at the day , but it becomes cold at night , rains are very rare there .
Moving a little to the south specifically at the middle of the country the weather becomes more moderate, and there is some rain at autumn.

I am sure that geography influences a country's people.

I'm from Brazil, the biggest country of the South America. My country has five great geographic regions: North, Northeast, Southeast, Centerwest and South. North region of the country is covered by Amazonic forest and its climate is always very hot. The climate of Notheast of Brazil is sunny and hot during the four seasons. Because this, its beaches are very famous. Southeast is the most populous and developed region of Brazil. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the two biggest cities of the country and they are located in this region. Rio de Janeiro city is a world famous city, because It has a wonderful geography. The city has high mountains, urban forest, big lakes, beautiful beaches and small islands. During the summer, the weather in the Rio de Janeiro city is very hot and the temperature frequently is higher than 40° C. The capital of the country is Brasilia and it's located in Centerwest region. During the winter, the weather in this region is as dry as a desert. Finally, the South of Brazil is very cold during the winter, includes, it snow sometimes on mountains.

Hello..I'm Nehal from Egypt...The desert geography and the long sea shores of Mediterranean and Red Sea have a great influence on the weather in Egypt..Weather is always warm even in the coldest months (Dec, Jan, and Feb) can enjoy the beaches and the sea starting from April till October and from November till March the weather is great except for a few days monthly that you could face rain or cold weather.. Even in the coldest months you still could enjoy swimming and diving in Sinai (Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh). Winter is not that cold so that great weather influences people to enjoy the morning and noon sun in the cold days and people are still able to enjoy going out and having fun during the winter. But on the other side summer is so hot in the
Cairo (Capital of Egypt) but in these hot summer days people are still able to enjoy the great weather at night by the River Nile. Temperature in these hot summer days are totally different in the north coast where you could enjoy the great Mediterranean sea and the golden sands.