Hallowe'en Scene 2

Ashlie and Stephen's house is full of witches, wizards, and ghosts... and everyone's having a frighteningly good time!


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • What games do people play at Hallowe'en parties?
  • Have you ever been trick or treating?

Now watch Stephen and Ashlie as they host their party.


Stephen: It’s Hallowe'en and we’re getting ready for our very own Hallowe'en party. All our friends are coming and everyone will be in fancy dress.

Ashlie: We have to prepare all the traditional Hallowe'en food and drink. We have to decorate the house and get ourselves ready. Right, that’s it. Oh, Stephen, it’s some trick or treaters. You go. I have to get Poppy ready.

Stephen: Trick or treaters? Great! I can show them some magic.

Ashlie: That will be a treat! Poppy!

Kids: Trick or treat!

Stephen: Aha! Now, for your entertainment – a show of magic!

Kids: Trick or treat?

Stephen: An empty pan. Nothing on the inside, nothing on the outside.

Boy: Look, mister. Give us a treat or we’ll play a trick on you.

Stephen: Hocus Pocus!

Girl: That’s rubbish!

Stephen: Hang on a minute. Abracadabra! Hey! Ash! It worked. My trick worked!

Ashlie: Yeah, whatever, Stephen.

Stephen: No, seriously, look. Hocus Pocus!

Ashlie: Wow! Very impressive.

Stephen: But it did work.

Ashlie: Yeah, yeah, now come on. Help me with my costume. I need to get my witch's nose on.

Stephen: Really, Ash? I thought you already had it on.

Ashlie: Ha ha.


Ashlie: Nice costume!

Friend: Oh, thanks, it took me ages to make. Yours is great too.

Ashlie: Thank you, but we cheated. We didn’t have time to make costumes, so we just hired them.

Friend: They look great anyway. I had to make loads of costumes today. I took my brother and his friends trick or treating and I made loads of ghost costumes.

Ashlie: How did it go?

Friend: Yeah, they got loads of sweets and treats and they didn’t have to do any tricks.

Ashlie: Hey listen, talking of tricks, Stephen’s magic is pretty bad. He’s really sensitive, so you just have to pretend to be amazed. I don’t think the show will last long. Ooh, here we go. Remember, look amazed.

Stephen: Now, ladies and gentlemen, for my first trick of the evening I require an assistant.

Ashlie: Ooh, I think that may be more trick or treaters. Let’s go and see.

Kids: Trick or treat!

Ashlie: Don’t you look scary! What have you come as?

Kids: I’m a scary pumpkin. And I’m a skeleton.

Ashlie: You’re a skeleton? You’re very scary.

Stephen: Now, an ordinary handkerchief, a simple wave...

Ashlie: Go on then, you can have a treat, help yourselves. Go on, tuck in guys.

Stephen: A wave of my magic hand...

Kid: Your dog’s really sweet.

Ashlie: Thank you. Do you want to give her a little stroke? Her name's Poppy. She loves dressing up for Hallowe'en as well.

Stephen: And Abracadabra! A treat for you all. I hope you enjoyed my show!

Kids: Thank you! Happy Hallowe'en!

Stephen: Ashlie, I did it. It was amazing! Everything worked! Did you see it?

Ashlie: Yeah. Well done you. It was brilliant.

Stephen: I told you I could do it. I could make a career out of this! I want the fire of death trick next. It’s really cool.

Ashlie: Err, maybe a little practice first, eh? Here, let’s take the plates into the kitchen.


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Ashlie says:

We didn't have time to make costumes so we just hired them.

Match the expressions to make sentences with 'so ... just ...'.


Task 4

Notice how some verbs in English can have two objects, a person + a thing:

                                         VERB     Person      Thing
Stephen:  I can                 SHOW     them        some magic.
Boy:         Look mister,     GIVE        us            a treat.
Ash:         Do you want to GIVE        her          a little stroke?


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Submitted by fidaasiddig on Sat, 12/10/2019 - 11:45

Hello sorry (I took my brother and his friends trick or treating ) I'm afraid I'm not getting the idea of the sentence and the structure could you possibly explain, Thanks

Hello fidaasiddig

The woman means that she went with her brother and her brother's friends when they went out to ask for sweets for Hallowe'en. On Hallowe'en, some kids put on costumes and go to houses in their neighbourhood to ask for sweets (this is called 'trick or treating') and often an adult goes with them.

Does that make sense?

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by ayka91 on Wed, 07/06/2017 - 07:58

hi Teachers.So i cant understand when we can use "Have + to do something "We have to decorate the house and get ourselves ready. -like that .Thanks a lot indeed.

Hi ayka91,

We use 'have to' in several ways but the most common is to express obligation with a meaning similar to 'must'.

You can read about this on this page.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Vitru on Tue, 11/04/2017 - 14:31

In my country ( Naples ) we never make something like this, we don't have this type of culture. In fact, we make trick or treat at the most!

Submitted by STEPHANE ROTH on Thu, 23/02/2017 - 20:13

I think people make magic tricks. Otherwise it's a party where we drink and eat something, dance and talk with friends, in costumes. There are also many decorations in the house. I've never been in a trick or treating.