Episode 02

Marcia and Philip discuss the applications they've received and the interview format.

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Philip: So, how many applications did we get, Marcia?

Marcia: Well, overall we've got over 200!

Philip: That many?

Marcia: Yes, but most of which we can discard right away ... people who don't have the right experience, qualifications, that kind of thing.

Philip: Of course.

Marcia: ... and then we get the people who submit ten-page-long CVs, or CVs in comic book font, or green ink, or ... they attach a photo of themselves disco dancing, you know the kind of thing? So, I've whittled down the serious candidates to a shortlist of 12 people.

Philip: And we'll interview all of them?

Marcia: I think we should but, obviously, I'll let you have a look first.

Philip: Great. So, who have we got then?

Marcia: Well, I think we've got some pretty strong candidates. Two in particular.

Philip: They have the right kind of profile?

Marcia: I'd certainly say so. Strong educational background, experience in multinational sales, language skills ...

Philip: Good. I look forward to meeting them.

Marcia: So, I'd say we do the standard interview format.

Philip: Sure.

Marcia: A few general questions, then on to specifics.

Philip: Yes, exactly. I want to hear specific details of when they've solved problems.

Marcia: Yes, and then something about 'vision', as you put it.

Philip: Yes ... what do you think about a brief presentation?

Marcia: I think that's a good idea. We could ask them to give a short presentation on where they see the company going and how they see themselves taking us there.

Philip: Great! You know something? I'm really looking forward to this!

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