Oxford Scene 1

In this episode, Stephen and Ashlie visit the ancient city of Oxford.

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Before you watch

In this episode, Stephen and Ashlie visit the ancient city of Oxford.

  • Have you ever heard of Oxford?
  • What do you think they are going to do there?

Now, watch Ashlie and Stephen on their trip to Oxford.



Stephen: Ice on the road, bridge ahead, look out for wild animals. What’s this one, Ash? 

Ashlie: That one means ‘danger, river bank’ or something. It’s obvious, look at it.

Stephen: I’m studying for my driving test. You have to do a test in the car when you’re learning to drive and you have to do a written test as well – so I have to learn all these signs.

Ashlie: And I’m studying for my Business Studies course. I have to go to Oxford this afternoon to do an exam so I’m doing some last minute revision. 

Stephen: Hey, Ash.

Ashlie: What?

Stephen: Did you say your exam’s in Oxford?

Ashlie: Yeah, so?

Stephen: So, why don’t I drive us there? And you can give me a driving lesson on the way. I really need the practice.

Ashlie: OK, then. Sounds good.

Stephen: Great! When do we need to go?

Ashlie: Well, with you driving? Now! 

Stephen: I’ll go and get a map.

Ashlie: Oh, you don’t need to - we’ve got the GPS. 

Stephen: Excellent, shall we go?

Ashlie: Yep.


Stephen: OK. Ready to go!

GPS: Seatbelt on.

Stephen: Oops. Seatbelt on.

Ashlie: Right. Look in the mirrors. Get into gear. Signal. Just check the mirrors again. And off we go.

Stephen: This is easy!

Ashlie: You’re doing OK, just take it easy, the GPS knows where we’re going. 

GPS: Turn right in 100 metres.

Stephen: Turn right in 100 metres.

GPS: Continue driving around the roundabout for five kilometres. Turn left in 200 metres.

Stephen: Left?! That can’t be right. We’re going round in circles.

Ashlie: I think we should go right.

GPS: Keep left. Approaching destination in 5 metres.

Ashlie: Stephen!

Stephen: Let’s turn that thing off and turn around. 

Ashlie: Oh, come on. I’m going to be late. It’s almost two o’clock now.

Stephen: Which way do I go Ash?

Ashlie: Oh, look, just stop here. Over there.

Ashlie: OK – remember to lock the car and don't forget to take the GPS with you. I’ll give you a ring after my exam. Bye! 

Ashlie: Taxi! 

Ashlie: Excuse me, can you take me to Oriel College, please?

Taxi Driver: OK.

Ashlie: Thanks. 

GPS: You have arrived at your destination.

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Profile picture for user ariina

Submitted by ariina on Mon, 25/06/2018 - 08:58

Hi....very suddenly i found this part and you have no idea how much i love "words on the street" they speak really normal and slowly,i can understand 99% of their words...thanks for your wonderful website :)
Profile picture for user ali ajrme

Submitted by ali ajrme on Sun, 03/06/2018 - 12:56

hello british council team. i have problem, when i have listened to the movie, there are many words I did not get it . i think the problem is. they are taking quickly. is that right

Hi ali ajrme,

Yes, they speak at a fairly natural speed in this video. You could watch the video while reading the transcript to understand more. I'd also suggest trying materials at an easier level. Our Starting Out series, for example, might be a good place to start.

Please let us know if you need any more help.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Profile picture for user safirasafirasafira

Submitted by safirasafirasafira on Fri, 04/05/2018 - 15:15

hello teacher.I don't understand "let's turn that thing off and turn around." and "over there". please explain me.Thank you very much.

Hello safirasafirasafira,

When Stephen says Let's turn that thing off he means that the GPS is not helping them and so they should stop using it.

The phrase over there is a general phrase which we use when we want to indicate a place not too far away - typically a location which you can see or can easily reach.



The LearnEnglish Team