Dating Scene 1

It’s Valentine’s Day and Stephen convinces Ashlie to try speed dating. Does she meet someone special?

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Think about the following questions:

  • Is Valentine’s Day a popular tradition in your country?
  • How do people usually meet in your country?

Watch Stephen and Ashlie go to a speed dating night at the local club.


Stephen: Dear Valentine, I want the world to know I love you… Roses are red, violets are blue... I love you more than I can say…

It’s Valentine’s Day next week and I’m writing the cards I’m going to send. Aren’t you going to send any?

Ashlie: Oh, what’s the point? I never get any back. I’m just so unlucky in love.

Stephen: Oh, you’re just not meeting the right people. You should send more. The more cards you send, the more you receive.

Ashlie: I don’t think it works like that, Stephen.

Stephen: That’s it, Ash. You need to join a dating agency. You know, where they find the perfect partner for you.

Ashlie: Hmm… I don’t know, Stephen. I think they just take your money and match you up with the first person who comes along. And besides, I don’t want a computer to make decisions for me.

Stephen: Well, what about speed dating?

Ashlie: What?

Stephen: You know, speed dating. Where you meet lots of different people in one night. Like lots of little dates. Like an interview for a boyfriend. And...

Ashlie: And?

Stephen: You get to choose someone. Or they get to choose you. I’m sure there’s a speed dating night down at the club. It’s a great chance to meet new people. And anyway it’ll be a lot of fun.

Ashlie: Well, OK then. But will you come with me?

Stephen: Of course I will. If you meet the man of your dreams, I need to check him out.

Ashlie: Oh, Stephen!


Ashlie: Wow, Stephen! There are a lot of people here. It seems really popular.

Stephen: Good. Lots of choice for you then.

Ashlie: What’s this bell for?

Stephen: You ring the bell when you don’t want to speak to someone any more. Then they move on. Now, come on, Ashlie – sit up straight, smile.

Ashlie: Stop it, Stephen!

Stephen: Don’t forget, you have to make a good impression. Make some jokes, try and be nice. And if you get bored of them, just ring the bell.

Stephen: Ashlie, the lady’s about to talk.

Lady: Welcome to speed dating, the place where you will find love and romance and passion. Or perhaps just a new friend. Now, you ladies know what to do. You remain seated and these handsome gentlemen will come to your table. If he’s not Mr Right, you can always ring the bell. Are you ready? Begin!

First Date: Yes, so, I really like computers. Don’t you? My favourite is the Wakefield CPC four six four nine hundred. I’ve got some photos here somewhere...

Second Date: Well, I’m really looking for a girl who likes doing housework. Someone who’d like to wash my clothes, do my ironing...

Third Date: Your hair’s too dark. I like blonde hair. Have you ever thought about changing your hair colour?

Stephen: So Ashlie? How’s it going?

Ashlie: Terrible! So far they’ve been either totally boring or just weird!

Stephen: Hmm, well, I think you should keep trying. It’s supposed to be fun, remember!

Ashlie: Look, Stephen! He’s very handsome. And tall. Go on, Stephen. Go, go, shoo. He’s coming over...

Ted: Hi!

Ashlie: Hi.

Ted: I’m Ted.

Ashlie: I’m Ashlie.... or, or Ashlyn, in Irish. Or Ash, actually. My brother calls me Ash so that would be fine. But, well, my full name is Ashlie Bridget Alice Walker but you can call me...

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I think she doesn't see any point on it because she feel unlucky in love. I always send love cards message and rose or teddy bear

Submitted by minou on Fri, 16/11/2018 - 13:21

Hi everyone. This video is very funny and a bit real. Sometimes when we meet a person we like, we change our behavior and the risk is to seem a little stupid. In my country I think that Valentine's Day is a commercial one and no a celebration of true love! Bye
Profile picture for user Kostya B

Submitted by Kostya B on Sun, 23/09/2018 - 09:43

Valentin's day not many people celebrate in my coutry but many people know it as a celebration. People in my country in fact meeting each other as in Britain.

Submitted by lellablu on Thu, 20/09/2018 - 17:12

Valentine's Day is popular in my country and even if it's a bit commercial, it's a nice occasion to celebrate love with your partner.
Profile picture for user SOUMAYA123

Submitted by SOUMAYA123 on Tue, 11/09/2018 - 20:22

That's really funny, Ashley becomes talkative when she saw the handsome man.
Profile picture for user btriton

Submitted by btriton on Wed, 13/06/2018 - 17:25

Thanks, very nice and funny video, Yes in my country Peru , valentine day is very popular to many flowers to gift or any other present, pubs and bars become full of people, actually, I do not know if there are some dating agencies in my country.

Submitted by quoc hung on Tue, 22/05/2018 - 05:09

come on man. Ashley is so underrated. everyone loves her.