Cucumber or grapes? What happens when two monkeys do the same task but get 'paid' in different ways? Watch this funny video to find out how monkeys react to inequality.

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The professor compares the behaviour between human beings and monkeys, under pressure of clear inequity. Actually, the experiment shows up their reactions in different species. What makes people laugh is the evidence of similarity in rage when some unfair acts compromises our conditions, it does not matter the level of education and civilization of subjects under exam. Audience may be studied as well, because their reactions to the behaviour of the monkey and then the following comparison between what happened in Wall Street protest and the raging refuse of the little primate are subtile provocations to make analogies and recognize themselves under the same emotional state. Their laughings shows their agreement to the comparison, they do not protest or argue to the professor's comment - they declare sympathetic feelings towards the poor, little monkey and silently confess too their frailty about inequity.

I think that he compares the reaction to human because he wanted to show that if that there are biological roots that make us, human, act with a stronger reaction to inequity.

Well, I think behaviour of humans and other animals are pretty much the same. We're striving for food, willing to find a partner and e. g. We even react to inequity the almost the same way, that's why he compared monkeys to humans.

Because we are too similar.

I think because they share many features and characteristics .

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i guess just because Darwin's theory ;) :)
really i think monkeys have IQ (Intelligence Quotient) more than others (animals). i think the compare is not correct because even humans have different to each others but was the good show for protest to inequity.

There is a mistake in the test. Task 2 question 4. The man said "stronger" and transcript proves it, but according the system "strong" is right answer.

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Thank you for pointing this out to us. The word used in the text is, as you say, 'stronger'. I have updated the task so that this is not the correct answer.

We check all our tasks before we publish them but a certain number of errors will always creep through, and it's good to know we have observant users to help us spot them!

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I think he compare the monkey with human because monkey act like humans and do some reaction like them.

I think that he compared between them because both of them protested against inequity