Animals Scene 1 Language Focus

Rob and Stephen get stressed, and Rob talks about will, could and might.

Task 1

Decide how many syllables each of these words has. Then decide where the stress is, and group similar words together.


Task 2

Read the first sentence and then decide if will, could or might is needed to give the second sentence the same meaning.


Task 3

Which phrase finishes the conversation?


Task 4

Here are the four conversations from the last exercise. Type in the boxes to complete them. The first letters of the words are given for you, so don't type them.


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Hello natrish

'injured' is pronounced /ˈɪn.dʒəd/, and 'lovely' is pronounced /ˈlʌ (follow the links to hear them) -- note that the 'e' in both 'injured' and 'lovely' is not pronounced.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

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Submitted by andreiabauermann on Mon, 19/11/2018 - 16:54

Hello, I have some question about COULD and MIGHT, when I use them? What the difference about those?

Hello andreiabauermann,

Please take a look at our pages on modal verbs, which have detailed explanations and examples, plus activities to practise them. If you have any specific questions after you've read those pages, please post them on those pages and we'll be happy to help.



The LearnEnglish Team