Episode 13 - Horoscopes

Julia and Sammy read their horoscopes. What is their future together?


Julia: I'll have this magazine, please. How much is it?
Shop assistant: It's 95 pence.
Julia: Here you are.
Shop assistant: Thanks. ... Here's your change, 5p.
Sammy: A packet of chewing gum and two cans of cola, please.
Shop assistant: That's 65p and two pounds 20 ... That's two pounds 85, please.
Sammy: Here you are.
Shop assistant: Five pounds. So that's one pound, two pounds and 15 pence change. ... Oh, lovely!

Sammy: What magazine's that?
Julia: It's a gossip magazine. It's about famous people. Look!
Sammy: Oh, yeah. That's Paul McCartney.
Julia: And there's an article here about the Royal Family.
Sammy: Oh! Horoscopes! I love horoscopes. When's your birthday?
Julia: The 18th of June.
Sammy: So you're a Gemini.
Julia: When's your birthday?
Sammy: Fifteenth of November. I'm a Scorpio.
Julia: What does it say about me?
Sammy: It says, 'Today you are with the love of your life.'
Julia: Really?! And what does it say about you?
Sammy: It says, 'Today the love of your life is with you.'
Julia: Wow! That's amazing. Let me see. ... It doesn't say that! Mine says, 'Problems with money. A good day to stay at home.'
Sammy: Ah, does it?
Julia: And yours says, 'A bad day for love.'
Sammy: Well, it's silly anyway. It isn't true. Chinese zodiac's much better. When were you born?
Julia: In 1991.
Sammy: So you're a goat.
Julia: Well, that's not very nice.
Sammy: Oh, it is! Goats are great. They're artistic and sociable.
Julia: And you?
Sammy: I was born in 1990. I'm a horse.
Julia: And horses are ...?
Sammy: Of course. They are intelligent, strong and honest.
Julia: Honest?

Task 1: Check your understanding 1


Task 2: Check your understanding 2


Task 3: Prices and dates 1


Task 4: Prices and dates 2


Task 5: Birthdays 1


Task 6: Birthdays 2



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Submitted by Dariusz on Wed, 27/11/2019 - 15:02

I don't read magazines. Today, a lot of informations provide us internet, so that's the reason why I don't read the magazines. I prefer online publications. I don't believe in horoscopes. For me are false but I think that we don't have enough knowledge to blame them and there may be a little bit true. I think that we are free and our future aren't saved.
Profile picture for user Rafaela1

Submitted by Rafaela1 on Mon, 28/01/2019 - 13:36

I think horoscopes do nothing but make someone feel better or cautious. It's like a placebo. The other day, as I was a bit down in the dumps, I got fortune-tellers to tell my near future. Unexpectedly, they encourage me a lot saying good things!! Wow...I? ⊂(‘ω’⊂ )))Σ≡=─༄༅
Profile picture for user dariusclinton

Submitted by dariusclinton on Mon, 21/01/2019 - 06:48

I like IT magazines that I generaly find online in blogs.

Submitted by jmajo on Thu, 10/01/2019 - 03:29

I don't read magazines, I like to read IT or scientific publications online. I think that horoscopes are a little bit silly because they generalize the differents kind of people, so I don't like it very much. ;)

Submitted by ali aiad ali shanan on Wed, 02/01/2019 - 15:20

I like reding the sports magazines and news