A team meeting about diversity

A team meeting about diversity

Listen to a team meeting about diversity to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Nina: As you know, our team has grown a lot in the past year and we feel we need to address the diversity in the team.

Brenda: How do you mean, 'address the diversity'?

Nina: Well, we all know that diversity in teams is a good thing, but it can also be a challenge for some people to respect and value people's differences. We've got a really diverse team here – people of different nationalities, backgrounds, religions, ages … and sometimes I don't feel we make the most of this.

Stefano: Yes, and even if it isn't specifically challenging, many people are simply unaware of the isolation that some team members may feel because they are different.

Brenda: So, what does this mean? What are we going to do?

Nina: Well, we need to create a workplace charter. You know, one that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.

Brenda: That sounds like a good idea. But will people just see it as something the management team has created? Maybe they won't even pay attention to it.

Nina: I know. That's why we're going to involve everyone in creating it.

Stefano: That's a good idea. We could run some workshops and get ideas from the employees about how we can create a more inclusive workplace.

Nina: Exactly. I was thinking that before that we could run some team-building sessions so they can experience the value of diversity for themselves.

Brenda: Yes, I like that. Many people see diversity as something negative, often because there are different opinions or ways of doing things.

Nina: Yes, I know, but if there's no diversity, then the risk is that we all work in the same way, think the same and see the world the same. This makes it hard to be creative and to innovate.

Stefano: I completely agree, Nina. OK. So, what do you want us to do?

Nina: Stefano, can you look for a successful trainer who specialises in running workshops and team-building sessions on diversity and inclusion?

Stefano: Sure. I'll be happy to.

Nina: And Brenda, can you find a fun venue? Somewhere that is quite diverse itself. Something that's not the usual seminar-style environment?

Brenda: Sure. That'll be fun.

Nina: And I'm going to do some further research into how other organisations are benefiting from their diversity. I can share this with the whole team.

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Submitted by ANAALVAREZ1624 on Wed, 10/04/2019 - 18:45

In my work place there are not a lot of cases of physical diversity but there are a lot of cases of psycological diversity, we are totally different in ideas, beliefs, behaviours,etc. wich are more difficult to deal with.

Submitted by marcasti on Thu, 04/04/2019 - 19:29

In my organization diversity and inclusion environment are welcome, but it is not enough. There is a set of differences that are not considered. The gender gap does not exist, we are the same number of male and female. But there are no disabled or elderly, for example.
Profile picture for user rubi.mariano

Submitted by rubi.mariano on Tue, 02/04/2019 - 20:45

Good exercise, it helps me a lot to improve my English level

Submitted by Yosjuan on Mon, 01/04/2019 - 19:19

In my organization promotes a diversity and inclusion environment, understanding it is a good way to achieve the goals.
Profile picture for user Howard_Conrad_3009

Submitted by Howard_Conrad_3009 on Sat, 30/03/2019 - 07:42

I think that it might be vital to create diversity in the workplace environment, because we can have interesting ideas and opinions from many people who have differences in gender, ethnicity, religion and nationality. This can give advantages to make business more optimal and favourable
Profile picture for user Ruralcrue

Submitted by Ruralcrue on Sat, 30/03/2019 - 01:05

In my workplace, there is some diversity such as sex, knowledge, religion, etc. I think the diversity can benefit my team because we can make the best idea from the different people.