Unit 3: Organising your emails

Unit 3: Organising your emails

You've got mail! Learn how to talk about the different parts of an email program.

Organising your emails

Read the article below and then look at the email inbox below it. You will find out what words should go in the numbered gaps in the article in Task 2 and will answer questions about the inbox in Task 3.

Organise your emails – Save time and make life easier!!! (Task 2)

Most emails that you get go straight to your (1). This is where you decide which emails to read and which to delete. But if your server doesn’t recognise the address of a sender, it will probably put the email in the (2) mail folder. This is where all those annoying adverts usually go. But sometimes good emails go there too, so remember to check from time to time.

Do you ever worry because you just deleted an email by mistake? Don’t worry – just look in the (3) folder. It’s probably still there.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find an old email. So why not put them into (4) to make them easy to find? You can do this for any emails you wrote too – you can find them in (5).

Some people keep hundreds of business cards with people’s email address and phone number. You don’t need to do this – use your (6) as an address book, and it can store all these details for you.

Have you ever found it difficult to finish writing an email? Don’t worry – just save it under (7) and finish it later!

Understanding your inbox (Task 3)

    From Subject Received
📎 Samir RE: Meeting next week Today 9:21 AM
📎 Tomoko Nakahata training course Today 9:03 AM
📎 Hashim Saleh Are you free for lunch tomorrow? Wednesday 7:12 PM
    Patricia Bartlett RE: Meeting next week Wednesday 4:18 PM
    Ali Al-Habsi FW: payment received Wednesday 11:45 AM
  📎 Hatem Trabelsi Meeting next week Wednesday 9:03 AM
    Youssef Zouaoui air conditioning in meeting room 32A Tuesday 4:23 PM
    IT Helpdesk RE: Computer problem Tuesday 2:05 PM
  📎 Tomoko Nakahata minutes from last week's meeting Tuesday 11:02 AM
  📎 Ali Al-Habsi Sorry – here's the attachment! Monday 6:49 PM


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In addition to this section, you can find lots of tips on writing emails in our Writing skills section (look inside each different level to see several examples). There are also some examples of typical emails in our Reading skills section.

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