Episode 06: Welcome back Johnny!


Johnny is back! But is he back for good? And Carlos is going to tell us something really important...

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Audio script

All: Johnny! Welcome back! Great to see you again!

Johnny: It’s great to be back!

Olivia: Are you just back for a visit?

Johnny: No! I’m staying!

All: Hooray!

Fadi: Great news!

Johnny: Yeah – a position came up with my company back in London – I applied for it, and, well, here I am!

Olivia: How did it go in China?

Johnny: Great! It was really good to be back. I did really well in my job...

Magda: You always talk about your job!

Johnny: Hey! My career is important to me!

Sarah: Oh, I’m a bit jealous of you... I’d love to go back home to visit my family and friends. I haven’t been back for ages now...

Johnny: Yeah... you should go...

Olivia: So you’re back for good?

Johnny: For a year, at least... then we’ll see!

Harry: Oh, by the way – this is Bindyu – she’s my girlfriend...

Johnny: Nice to meet you! Well done, Harry...

Bindyu: Nice to meet you, too.

Fadi: We’ll have to start the football team again!

All: Hi Carlos!

Carlos: Oh, hi! Hi, Sarah!

Sarah: Hello!

Harry: Johnny – this is our new Brazilian friend, Carlos...

Johnny: Hi Carlos! You’re Brazilian? You must be good at football... join our team!

Carlos: Erm, well, actually, I’m afraid I’m no good at football...

Johnny: Well, you’ll fit in with our team, then!

Carlos: Eh?

Harry: Never mind, Carlos, it’s not important...

Johnny: So what’s been going on here while I’ve been away?

All: Er, well... hmmm...

Harry: Lots of stuff.

Johnny: Go on! I saw that banner in the window – what’s up? Why do you need to save the café?

Olivia: And my shop...

Harry: Well, did you see that building site just behind the café?

Johnny: Yes, I did actually – it looks like they’re building something big, looks interesting...

Olivia: Hmmm...

Harry: Yeah, luxury flats...

Olivia: The problem being...

Tony: ...they want to knock down the café!

Olivia: And my shop.

Johnny: Oh no...

Sarah: But don’t worry!

Johnny: Why not?

Harry: We got a campaign going – the banner in the window...

Bindyu: And I wrote an article in the local paper!

Sarah: We found they’re historic buildings – so it’s not legal to knock them down.

Johnny: Don’t worry anyhow - I’m rich enough now! I could buy the café, and your shop, Olivia, then do what I want...!

Harry: Seriously?

Johnny: Er, well, no, actually, probably not. Just joking, you know. But I will be rich enough in a couple of years...!

Harry: Yeah, right.

Carlos: Listen guys, that was what I came to talk to you about. At lunch today – I’m a caterer, Johnny, I make lunch for all the people who work on the building site next door...

Johnny: I see...

Carlos: ...well, there were two of the top managers there.

Olivia: Oh yeah?

Sarah: And?

Carlos: Well, I didn’t listen to them, exactly...

Sarah: Of course not!

Carlos: No, but... I heard what they were saying...

Olivia: And what were they saying?

Carlos: They were saying...

Tony: Oi! Johnny! Are you going to buy something? If you want to have a party go back to your house! I run a business here, you know...

Johnny: Oh sorry, Tony – yeah, could I have a coffee please?

Tony: That all?

Olivia: Tony! Please...Carlos is going to tell us something really important...

Tony: What?

Olivia: That’s what we’re going to find out...! Carlos... go on!

Carlos: The managers, they were saying, that they know these buildings – the café, and your shop – they know they’re historic buildings, and they know they can’t knock them down...

Magda: Yes... that’s what I found out... I told Bindyu... she put it in the paper...

Carlos: Yes – they’ve read the newspaper, they said. They know there’s nothing they can do...

Olivia: So?

Magda: So?

Harry: So?

Tony: So?

Carlos: So... they’re not going to knock them down! The campaign was a success! You’ve won!

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