Episode 11: Embarrassment

Episode 11: Embarrassment

Carlos and Sarah's first date turns out to be a disaster! What exactly has happened?

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Audio script

Fadi: So, I wonder how Carlos got on with his date.

Johnny: His date?

Fadi: Yeah... come on... you remember – he went out with Sarah last night...

Johnny: Oh yeah, sure – they went to a new art gallery, didn’t they?

Fadi: Yeah – that’s right... He was really worried about it.

Johnny: I’m not surprised. Sarah likes all that strange contemporary art.

Fadi: And here he is to tell us all about it!

Carlos: Hi guys!

Johnny: Hello there! So? How did it go?

Carlos: How did what go?

Fadi: Come on! Your date with Sarah! How was it?

Carlos: Oh, er, well..erm...

Johnny: Oh no...

Fadi: Was it a disaster?

Carlos: Oh, no... erm, not a disaster...

Johnny: Go on... Give us details.

Carlos: Well, it was at this new art gallery.

Fadi: Yeah...

Carlos: “Black Box” it was called.

Johnny: Hmmm... Sounds more like a nightclub.

Carlos: There were quite a lot of people there, and everyone was really fashionable...

Carlos: Yeah... everyone was wearing black! I felt really scruffy...

Johnny: Scruffy?

Fadi: Yeah, scruffy – badly dressed.

Johnny: So what was the art like?

Carlos: Art? I didn’t think it was art! There were some TVs showing some pictures of a man walking around an empty room...

Fadi: Great...

Carlos: Then there were some big photographs on the walls...

Johnny: OK – I like photography.

Carlos: Yeah, me too – but there were all blurred, out of focus – you couldn’t see what they were photographs of! So, I was trying to be interested, you know, to impress Sarah really.

Fadi: Of course.

Johnny: What was Sarah doing?

Carlos: Well, Sarah was talking to another man, so I went up to them. Sarah introduces me, and then he says ‘What do you think?’ and I said, ‘Well, I think the photographs are all out of focus’.

Fadi: Fair enough...

Carlos: But then the man, he gets really angry, and walks off!

Johnny: Oh...

Carlos: And Sarah looks really embarrassed.

Fadi: Why?

Carlos: It turns out, well, this man, he was the artist.

Fadi/Johnny: Oh no!

Carlos: And they weren’t even photographs... they were paintings, supposed to look like photographs. Sarah explained it all to me, but I didn’t understand anything... I felt so stupid... and Sarah was so embarrassed...

Fadi: Are you going to see her again?

Carlos: Well, I don’t know... I’d like to... I hope so...

Johnny: Ask her out again – but this time, take her somewhere you want to go.

Fadi: Good idea.

Carlos: Where?

Johnny: Take her to a football match – I’ve got tickets for this weekend. You can have them.

Carlos: But I don’t like football.

Fadi: Go on! It’s a great British experience.

Johnny: Yeah...Look, I know Sarah – she’ll love it!

Carlos: Er... Well, OK then. I’ll ask her.

Fadi: Oh no... Look who it is!

Johnny: Hey Joe! Where’s Olivia?

Bindyu: Joe! He’s so funny... Such a sweet little boy!

Olivia: Joe! Stop that! Sorry everyone.

Bindyu: Don’t worry Olivia – I’ll look after him. He’s so much fun!

Johnny: Did Harry fix your website?

Olivia: He did.

Harry: Of course I did! I’m an expert!

Olivia: Thanks Harry. I owe you a coffee, at least.

Harry: No problem – I’m just glad you’ve made up with Bindyu.

Fadi: Oh yeah? So you’re all friends now?

Harry: Oh yes.

Olivia: She came last night, and looked after my little nephew Joe. They get on together really well!

Johnny: Who’d have thought it?

Olivia: Not me, but there you go.

Johnny: Harry – perhaps you and Bindyu should have children!

Harry: Erm, no, not yet, I don’t think...

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