Episode 20

Episode 20

It's the end of Series 4! Carolina tells Emily she’s going to miss her while she studies in France. But will she be missing Jamie too? What’s Jamie going to do? Jo and Adam look at different ways of speaking about the future. It’s goodbye until the next series!



Hello and welcome to the last episode – number 20 – of Series 4 of LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts. I'm Adam and my colleague Jo will be joining us later to talk about some of the language from the podcast.

Last episode, we heard from Tess and Ravi for the last time this series. They've talked about lots of things that people think are 'typically British', like red London buses or loving animals or the BBC. So Jo and I asked you to tell us which episodes were your favourites – and what you would like Tess and Ravi to talk about in another series.

And I'm happy to say you said you liked all of the topics and found them all interesting and useful.

Kochaina from Poland, m.memories from Egypt and Ayat Hasan from Bangladesh all said that they learned a lot about Britain from the podcasts and thought all of the topics were interesting. Lolachannel from Saudi Arabia liked a lot of the topics too. NewAgeEnglish from China likes the way Tess and Ravi express their own opinions about the topics even though their opinions might be different from other British people.

But the most popular topics from this series were definitely Shakespeare, the Beatles and our old friend Sherlock Holmes. AlanGuillen is from Mexico and his favourite topic was Shakespeare because he loves the theatre. Aaron Matthew T. from the Philippines liked Episode 11 about pop music. He says ‘I like the Beatles very much but that was the first time I knew that they were British!’ Manasset from Cameroon and Reza.Sadaati from Iran both voted for the Sherlock Holmes episode. Reza started to watch an old series of Sherlock Holmes after the episode and loves the actor – Jeremy Brett – who played Sherlock Holmes. He’s the favourite of a lot of Holmes fans, Reza. And Massanet thought it was funny that people still write letters to Sherlock Holmes at his address in London.

And you suggested some interesting topics for the next series. Elena68 from Italy suggested English traditions, celebrities and things you can see if you visit the UK. Good ideas. Reza would like to know why the UK is called 'the UK' and whether England, Scotland and Wales are independent or not. More good ideas!

Mehran.aminpoor from Iran would like Tess and Ravi to talk about a topic from Series 1 and 2 of the podcast – which person alive or dead would you like to meet? And Muhamad Ali from Syria says he liked the 'magazine format' of Series 1 and 2, with different sections and different people.

It's very interesting for us to get your opinions and ideas for the next series so please keep sending in your comments.

And now it's time to hear the last episode in the story of Carolina and her friends, Emily and Jamie. Will everything be decided? Will it be a happy ending? Let's listen and see.

Carolina – Saying goodbye to Emily

Emily: Carolina! Have you seen my green trousers?

Carolina: You washed them yesterday. I'll get them.

Emily: Suitcase is too small. It isn't going to close. Too much stuff!

Carolina: Here you are. You've got too much stuff in that suitcase, Emily. It's too small. It isn't going to close.

Emily: I know! Come here and sit on the top. Ooof. No, that isn't any good. Wait. If you push here … That's right … oh no! It's broken!

Carolina: Let me see. Yes, it's broken.

Emily: Oh great. So I'm going to France without any clothes.

Carolina: We'll have to go and buy another one.

Emily: I can't. My train's at six.

Carolina: So take mine.

Emily: I can't take your suitcase. What are you going to use when you go?

Carolina: I'm staying here until Friday. I can buy another one.

Emily: Thanks.

Carolina: There you are. All packed and ready. Are you looking forward to it, Emily?

Emily: Yeah, I really am. A year away in a different country, studying in French, eating French food, walking around Paris … And don't forget you're going to visit. You promised.

Carolina: Oh yes. I'll be there. Oh Emily! I'm going to be so lonely without you.

Emily: You'll be fine. I'm only going to France, Carolina. It isn't the other side of the world.

Carolina: Not like Borneo, you mean.

Emily: No, I didn't mean … Oh, I'm sorry. Any news from Jamie? About the Big Decision? 'To go or not to go; that is the question'?

Carolina: No. He can't decide. One day he's going to Borneo, and buying books about orang-utans, the next day he's staying here with his band and going on tour, and they're going to be superstars.

Emily: Well, he has to decide soon. You're going home on Friday.

Carolina: I know. I'm going to Venezuela for a month and I want to know what's happening before I go. I told Jamie that.

Emily: Well, let me know what happens. Text me. Cheer up. Things will be OK … That's my taxi. Now come on, give me a hug. I have to go.

Carolina: I'll miss you.

Emily: Me too. Come on. Don't cry, Carolina. Please don't cry. I'll text you when I get to Paris, OK?

Carolina: OK.

Emily: Bye. Speak to you soon.

Carolina: Bye. Have a good journey … Oh Emily … Hello Jamie. I'm OK, but I'm really sad. Emily's just gone. What? You've got something to tell me? Well what? Are you going to Borneo or staying here? What have you decided to do, Jamie?

Jo and Adam

Adam: Here's Jo again...

Jo: For the last time!

Adam: Well, the last time this series anyway.

Jo: And we still don't know what Jamie decided!

Adam: Orang-utans or the band.

Jo: I think he'll go to Borneo.

Adam: I think he'll stay in Britain.

Jo: Shall we have a bet?

Adam: OK. Let's shake hands on it.

Jo: Borneo and the orang-utans.

Adam: Britain and the band. Now we just have to wait and see ... I hope you all enjoyed listening to the story of Carolina and Jamie – and Emily of course. There were some difficult moments, but I always wanted to know what happens next.

Jo: Why don't you write and tell us what you enjoyed most in the story.

Adam: Did you have a favourite episode? Write and tell us what you liked and why. The address is www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglish. And now it's time to look at the language that you heard in the podcast.

Jo: And in this episode Emily and Carolina were talking a lot about the future. The future is difficult in English. We use lots of different verb forms, not just 'will'. Listen to them talking. How many future verb forms do you hear?

Carolina: Let me see. Yes, it's broken.

Emily: Oh great. So I'm going to France without any clothes.

Carolina: We'll have to go and buy another one.

Emily: I can't. My train's at six.

Carolina: So take mine.

Emily: I can't take your suitcase. What are you going to use when you go?

Carolina: I'm staying here until Friday. I can buy another one.

Jo: How many Adam?

Adam: OK ... 'I'm going to France without any clothes', 'We'll have to go and buy another one', 'What are you going to use when you go?', 'I'm staying here until Friday' …

Jo: And don't forget 'My train's at six' – that's talking about the future too. The verb is present – 'is' – but the meaning is future. There are a lot of different ways of talking about the future.

Adam: 'I'm having lunch with John tomorrow.'

Jo: 'I'm going to study all weekend.'

Adam: 'I'll meet you at the cinema at nine o'clock.'

Jo: 'The exam starts at half past nine tomorrow morning.'

Adam: Phew! So which form to use? You can study all the rules in a grammar book.

Jo: But you probably won't remember all those rules when you're speaking! So listen to as much English as you can, and see which verb forms are used for the future – and in what situations. And then slowly, slowly, you'll start to use the right forms yourself.

Adam: Listen again to the podcast. There are a lot more examples in Emily and Carolina's conversation.

Jo: And there are some exercises on the website to help you get started with recognising and using future forms.

Adam: And that's it for today. And I'm sad to say, that's the end of Series 4. I'd like to thank Jo for all her help.

Jo: Not at all. I've enjoyed every minute.

Adam: And thanks to you, our listeners, for your great comments. Good luck with your studies.

Adam/Jo: Bye!


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Submitted by Hasan abdulkareem on Mon, 09/03/2020 - 20:44

Hi sir.. i have finished all the 4 series of elementary podcasts and i have not face any difficulties regarding the comprehension . It seems like there is not any episodes after now. So What do you advise me to do? Is there any listening podcasts as same level as level 4 ? Because i found a lot of listening sections but i didn't figure out which is the most appropriate for me Thanks in advance

Hi Hasan abdulkareem,

Congratulations on finishing the series!

Elementary Podcasts are level A2/B1, which means elementary/pre-intermediate, so if you can look for anything which is at a similar level. You can do this on our Listening Skills page, which is organised by level.


You can also find series which are at a similar level. You can find these on our General English page.


Finally, you can search by level, which will give you results including all pages and not only listening material. Use the search tool at the top right of most pages and enter the level you are interested in. For example, a search for B1 gives these results.


Good luck!



The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Algaba on Sat, 18/01/2020 - 12:04

Hi. Thanks a million. I'm a student of English by my own. So, I appreciate very much your podcasts. Very very much. But there is a thing that I don't like in they. It's the part, at the beginning, that go over the comments that we did it. What I hope listen to on the podcast are English words, and between so many nicks, I'm losing the plot. It's very heavy to me listen to so many nicks. One more thing, is it "in the postcast" or "on the postcast"? Sorry, but, I don't practice translates from Spanish to English. Please, anybody can correct me, I'll be very grateful. I know this is the last podcast, but I ignore if there will be more. Please if there will be more, don't name so many strange nicks. Kind regards.

Hi Algaba,

I'll pass your comments on to the podcast team. We like to include some of the comments we receive but I understand that too many nicknames can be confusing. It's a balancing act, I suppose.

I think 'in the podcast' is more common, but you can also hear 'on the podcast' used, so both are correct.



The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by User_User on Tue, 10/12/2019 - 16:47

Hello In the previous episode it was asked what other issue we would like to hear about. Many people like gardening. I've made one mistake in Task 5. The question was: Why don't you come over to my flat after class? _____ the homework together. wrong: We're going to do right: We'll do Imagine: Sue and Peter have planned to do their homework together. So there's certainty that the meeting will take place. Jane is also asked to join them. So the 'going to do'-form seems for me to be possible. The series 1-4 were a bit too easy for me because I like to choose material which is a little bit to easy for me. You did an excellent job with these podcasts! It think I am going to do 'Big City Small World' next. The units seem to be shorter so I'll probably spend this time a few minutes every day with them. Good luck with the production of Series 5! Bye
Profile picture for user Sergey Sh

Submitted by Sergey Sh on Fri, 18/10/2019 - 03:54

I remember the episode when Carolina wasn’t able to go to her class and left a note on the door where she wrote that she was sorry and had to miss that lesson due to she was constipated. Misunderstanding. I know I shouldn’t have found it fun but anyway. The same word which has different meanings in both countries. She’s lucky that Emily was in time to put the note away. In a course of my study I had to go through all episodes from the first to the fourth series and I seem like got much better in my listening. By the last episodes I could listen to free without any breaks and every word and sentence were clear. Now it’s got much easier for me to watch movies in original as well, that’s definitely a level up. Thank you all for sharing this wonderful podcast. That was my pleasure to listen to.

Hello Sergey,

Thank you for the lovely comment, and well done on your progress!

It's great to know that people are improving, and that we are helping with that.



The LearnEnglish Team

Profile picture for user Maitham

Submitted by Maitham on Tue, 24/09/2019 - 17:43

Hello, Kirk I am so happy to listen to all the series and i hope to listen to the new one Best Regard

Submitted by parisaach on Sat, 22/06/2019 - 06:34

Carolina's story was one of my favorites, and I'm really sorry that this is the last podcast. I've followed the story of Carolina from the begining, when she just moved to England and when she made friends with Emily and Jamie. There was a podcast about Carolina's weakness in undrestanding and speaking English language. I remember that Carolina was very sad and she started crying when her mother called. I felt so sorry for Carolina then. Although I've never been alone in a foreign country, but I was in the same situation before . I always thought that I could easily speak English, but when I was in Canada I realised it is not easy to understand all the words and sentences and when I wanted to speak I forgot the words just because I haven't used them for a long time, besides sometimes I'm thinking of emigration to other countries I'm afriaid of being fooled and insulted by the people of those countries because I'm so shy and without self confidence I guess Carolina is much better then me in this way . She could find friends and boyfriend in a foreign country I think it' s more tough for me.
Profile picture for user richimejia1986

Submitted by richimejia1986 on Mon, 28/01/2019 - 21:57

When are we going to have series 5?? We have been waiting a lot to listen to Carolina, Jamie, Tess and Ravi again, What is going on? I have been following these podcasts since the first Episode! C'mon bring them again! I look forward to listing the next series ;)