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So cool to read about everyone's home tradition they miss the most! I'm from England but I've been living in the States for five years and the thing I miss the most is Bonfire Night on November 5th.

The best thing about Bonfire Night is the fireworks, oh, and the bonfires! … and the history behind it. Basically, Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I. They nearly did it too – they hired a room under the House of Parliament and filled it with explosives. But someone told the royal palace. The authorities found Guy Fawkes in the room guarding the explosives, and he was sentenced to torture and death.

So it's a tradition that celebrates the fact that the king survived. It also means people don't forget what happens if you plot against your country. There's a kind of poem about it that starts 'Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.' That's why we build a 'guy' – a life-size model of Guy Fawkes – and burn it on the bonfire. Pretty dark and horrible when you think about it!


  1. It's nice to start by saying something that shows you have read other people's posts.
  2. In a class forum you can be quite informal.
  3. In informal writing you can sometimes miss out the beginning of a phrase:
    So cool to read about everyone's home tradition ...
  4. Remember, in a forum you are part of a long conversation with a lot of other people so they might ask you questions.


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Submitted by Rahma Mahmoud on Thu, 05/03/2020 - 09:09

As I am an Egyptian, we have many traditions. Some of them are related to our culture, maybe our religion and so on. The best one I like much is eating KHAK in our religious feast. It's a kind of biscuits with grinding sugar. It's so tasty. We gather together to eat it with a cup of tea.

Submitted by Mansoori on Tue, 03/03/2020 - 14:59

That is so nice knowing about different traditions and cultures in the entire world. I am from Iran, the most interesting tradition is celebrating new year in my country. It starts in the first day of the spring and a few other country also celebrate that. People are use to get together and visit relatives as well as cooking delicious dishes.

Submitted by SMTSS on Thu, 27/02/2020 - 05:06

Hi every one . I read all comments about tradition in various countries. I like to say tradition of srilanka why I am from srilanka. The tradition what I say it is "Sinhala Hindu National Festival" That time is enjoyable time of the year. We play traditional sports in that time. Also we rind tambourines and we sing tambourine poems. Also we go to relatives houses for see them and call them. Also we wear new clothes for the festival. Its funny.

Submitted by Thanh Luu on Thu, 27/02/2020 - 02:40

Hello everyone I was traditionally born in Vietnam, but has migreated to Australia since last year. I was living in the city of Vietnam in which I have not participated many country's tradition and culture unlike people are living in rural areas. Everything in the city is modern, fast growing and people are hurry to earn a living and seemingly they do not have enough time to think about culture and tradition and celebrate those. Luckily, I had an opportunity to travel to rural part of country alot in my adulthood. Part of it because of family culture, we would spend at least 2 weeks for travelling one a year after hard labouring of the full year. And other part is I love traveling. I have been traveling to couple rural place in my country and there were so many place that I have learnt and acknowledged my own tradition. Such as where people celebrate autumn season with a dragon boat racing festival in Mekong delta. This is a tradition has been practising by Mekong delta people more than thousand year. From selecting of the best river warior in accient time to work for empire, to celebrating the end of year on the rice farm in which people wish another year that will be properous, good sowing season and well havesting. To be there and participate in the racing festival in which has been practising for thousand year, that gave me an emotional feeling, being proud of my own culture and this was also pushing me to travel more and to explore more in order to understand my own tradition, my culture and my people. Then sharing those intereting stories that I know during my traveling through Vietnam in the future to friends and all people that I meeting and also satisfying "my tradition" traveling hobby.

Submitted by Carlos1205 on Wed, 26/02/2020 - 23:59

Well where to start, first of Colombia is recognized by various countries for having different types of indigenous groups. That being said is pretty awesome that we recognize them as part of our culture. Why because, we can never forget that majority of the agriculture is thanks to them, because we have earned the privilege to learn the different beliefs and things that they do from the rest of the world. They are people that don't like to know what is like the outside their region or territory, because according to them that would make you a person that has lost its culture. By trying to fit into society, and showing a costume person and not the real you. There is an object that identify us, they called it "the flip hat". No matter where we are, if we are in another country and if you see us with the flip hat you will automatically know that we are Colombian. Because that hat is what defines our people, how many men, women and children have worked so hard so that we could get into our hands the flip hat. And finally that is why Colombia, is known to preserve their culture because they recognized every corner of their country that makes part of their culture.

Submitted by Rzayev aydin on Wed, 26/02/2020 - 10:10

It is interesting to read about traditions of different countries.I am living in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan has also funny traditions.One of them is Novruz holiday. This holiday is celebrated in some other Asian countries too.
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Submitted by Nikolaos Stavr… on Sat, 22/02/2020 - 10:29

Hi guys! I've read about everyone's home tradition, I found them really interesting. I come from Greece but I've been in the UK for the last two months. The thing I miss a lot is Greek easter. It's a religious celebration which everybody really enjoys, including traditional food and feasts. Greek wine, ouzo, and other drinks flow freely. So cool to see everyone dancing and singing traditional Greek dances and folk songs. Between us at the end of the day, everybody is quite drunk and happy.

Submitted by ayatullah on Wed, 19/02/2020 - 13:50

Dear Brothers and sisters, I am from Afghanistan, currently living in Australia. Hence, this gives me an opportunity to talk about, both of my two favourite traditions respectively: the Christmas and Eid. At Christmas which is on 26th of December, we have a two day public holiday in Australia. During this time, my friends and I are usually spending our time camping. So far, we have visited Eildon lake, Wilson Promontery National Park and Cooper Creek which are located in Victoria.

Submitted by Barchio on Thu, 13/02/2020 - 11:06

So nice to hear about all different and cool traditions! I'm Matteo from Italy, we have so many traditions, but the coolest is absolutly carnival! In this days most people walk in the streets while wearing a mask,it could be a funnie or historical one. Also there are carnival's parades where you can see many different styles. I suggeste to go in Venice to could see the best disguise of the world. I hope you will think about it.

Submitted by Ica on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 15:58

Hi, It's Mariaenrica and I'm from Italy. So cool to read about everyone's home traditions and I want to write about my favourite one : La Befana (or the Epiphany) on 6th January. Basically it talks about an old woman who goes to everyone's home and gives kids different kind of sweetes. It happens when the guy is a good one; if the guy is a bad one she gives him the coal. For this reason some people think she is a bad woman, even a witch who flies on her broom. But she is a representation of the right and wrong, as Santa Claus who doesn't bring to kids their presents when they are not good. But actually the parents put on the children's bed sweetes inside funny socks.