Notting Hill Scene 2

Stephen and Ashlie both dance their way through the carnival, but will they be able to find each other in their costumes?

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • How do you avoid losing your friends at a big event?
  • What sort of costumes do you expect to see at the carnival?

Now, watch Stephen and Ashlie enjoying the carnival!



Ashlie: Come on, this way. We need to get to the start of the parade before they set off.

Stephen: OK! OK! We've got plenty of time though. I want to have a look around. It all looks great.  

Ashlie: We’re here at the Notting Hill Carnival; one of Europe’s most famous street parties.

Stephen: Where every year thousands of people come to take part in the parade and wear fabulous costumes.

Ashlie: And it’s also a chance to watch some amazing shows and see some pretty strange sights... I know I’m really looking forward to it.

Stephen: Me, too. Come on then. Let’s see what’s out there.


Stephen: Ah - I love it, Ash. And there’s such a good atmosphere, isn’t there. 

Ashlie: Oh, come on though - we haven’t got all day.

Stephen: Oh, wait a minute, I want to look up there.

Ashlie: Oh Stephen, I really don’t want to miss the start of the parade. We haven’t got time.

Stephen: Oh, it’ll only take a minute. I'll catch you up.

Ashlie: You know where it is? By the car park.

Stephen: Yeah yeah, go on ahead, I’ll catch you up in a minute.

Ashlie: See you later.


Ashlie: Hi girls.

Dancers: Hiya.

Ashlie: So have you done this before? 

Dancer: No, this is my first year actually.

Ashlie: Wow.

Dancer: Yeah, I done it yesterday though, for the children’s carnival.

Ashlie: What was it like? 

Dancer: It rained for a bit, but other than that, it was really fun.

Ashlie: Yeah? Oh, it's beautiful weather today. So how long will we be dancing for?

Dancer: Sometimes we can be dancing for like, two or three hours - we, like walk around, but sometimes you can stand in one place for, like ten minutes and be dancing to, like the same kind of music. It's really difficult.

Ashlie: Yeah, we’re going to need some energy for that.

Dancer: That’s right.


Ashlie: Stephen! Where have you been?

Stephen: It took me ages to find you. All of you dancers look the same in those costumes. Ah, phew, just in time; the parade’s about to start.

Ashlie: You go to the front – I’m going to meet the rest of the group, OK?  See you later.

Stephen: Oh, hang on, where are we going to meet afterwards in case we get split up?

Ashlie: Well, I’ll ring you when we finish. Oh, Stephen I haven’t got my phone.

Stephen: Me, neither. Where do we finish? 

Ashlie: Erm… next to the tube station, I'll meet you there. Oh and don’t get lost again!

Stephen: OK, sounds good. 

Ashlie: See you later! Bye.


Stephen: Wow, that was fantastic. Did you see me dancing?

Ashlie: Yes, I saw you. It was amazing, but I didn’t expect to be so tired. We must have been dancing for hours.

Stephen: Now, we need to sit down and get something to eat.

Ashlie: Good idea. So what do you suggest?

Stephen: Something over there?


Stephen: Right, come on you, it’s time for home.

Ashlie: Stephen – how are we going to get home? All the buses are going to be full and I am not taking the underground wearing this costume.

Stephen: Err... taxi?

Ashlie: Stephen. Can you see any taxis? All the roads are closed for the carnival. C’mon, let’s start walking!

Stephen: Walking? No way! Why walk when you can dance?


Task 1

Comprehension Task

What problems did Stephen and Ashlie have?

Read the questions and choose the correct answers.


Task 2

Comprehension Task 2

Fill in the sentences from the episode with the correct adjectives.




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I wonder what a terrible mess people made on the avenue during the festival. I thought it never happened in London.

Submitted by nikoslado on Fri, 06/03/2020 - 18:23

Dear Team, ''Dancer: Yeah, I done it yesterday though....'' Is there a kind of an informal,''street speaking'' or something error? It seems a little strange to me. Thanks a lot for your kindness nikoslado
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Submitted by Peter M. on Sat, 07/03/2020 - 07:52

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Hello Nikoslado,

Yes, that's right. The use of the past participle in this way is non-standard and not seen as correct, but it does occur in some dialects and social groups.



The LearnEnglish Team

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Submitted by btriton on Mon, 28/05/2018 - 07:59

I liked Notting hill carnival, someday I will be there, Hopefully

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Hi, all these is sentences :"It took me ages to find you" that i dont know that mean

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Thank Petter