Episode 07: Alone for Christmas?


Our friends are staying here for Christmas. Find out if they are spending this festive season alone.

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Fadi: What a fantastic Christmas present!

Olivia: Did someone say “present”? I love presents...

Fadi: I just mean the café staying open – and your shop, of course - it’s like an early Christmas present!

Olivia: It’s still a bit early for Christmas presents...

Fadi: Come on, it’s only a few days now!

Olivia: Yeah... I guess you’re right. I can stop worrying now. Hey Tony!

Tony: What?

Olivia: Come on Tony! Even you must be happy about this! The café is staying open!

Fadi: Our campaign was successful!

Tony: Yeah... erm, thanks everybody!

Olivia: So, Fadi – what are you doing for Christmas?

Fadi: Nothing much – guess I’ll just be with my family...

Olivia: Yeah, me too - it’d be great to spend Christmas just with my friends, not the whole family...

Fadi: Yeah, it’d be great to spend Christmas with you... er, I mean, everyone here...

Olivia: Oh, yeah, erm... hmmm.

Fadi: Tell you what – let’s invent an excuse!

Olivia: An excuse? How do you mean?

Fadi: Let’s leave our families for a few hours... come and have dinner here!

Olivia: Here? I don’t think the café will be open on Christmas day...

Fadi: We can persuade Tony to open – just for us – to celebrate our campaign to keep the café open, and Christmas too...

Olivia: Great idea! But I’ll probably have to bring Joe...

Fadi: Oh no! Joe, your terrible little nephew, I’d forgotten about him...

All: Hi Johnny!

Johnny: Hello everyone!

Olivia: We were just talking about Christmas...

Johnny: Of course, I’ve come back just in time for Christmas – how could I forget! I love Christmas here in London... We don’t really celebrate Christmas in China, but I love it here – lots of food, presents...

Magda: I love Christmas too, but Christmas in Poland is so special, I’ll really miss it this year...

Sarah: Aren’t you going back to visit your family? You usually go back to Poland.

Magda: I wanted to go, but I couldn’t afford it. Plane tickets are so expensive at this time of year.

Sarah: (sighs) So, me and Magda will be on our own for Christmas.

Carlos: Me too – there’s no way I can go back to Brazil!

Sarah: That’s a long way.

Carlos: I’ve got an idea – if Fadi and Olivia can ask Tony to open the café, I’ll cook a proper Christmas dinner for everyone! I love cooking.

Magda: Good idea - in Poland we have a twelve-course meal at Christmas!

Carlos: Twelve courses! Wow, that’s a lot...

Magda: It is...

Carlos: I’ll try and make some traditional Polish food for you Magda... and perhaps something special for you too, Sarah... I’d like that...

Sarah: That’s very kind, but don’t try to make Chinese food for me! It’s difficult... make one of your own specialities – I love trying new things!

Carlos: OK, you’re on!

Olivia: This sounds like a party! Harry – what about you? What are you doing for Christmas?

Harry: Well, I’ve only got my mum, so I guess I’ll be with her.

Bindyu: It’d be nice to have Christmas dinner with you...

Harry: Yeah, it would... don’t you have to be with your family...

Bindyu: We don’t really celebrate Christmas...

Olivia: Don’t forget it’s a religious festival!

Harry: Of course, yeah, I know that, but everyone can enjoy Christmas!

Olivia: Well, why don’t you two try and join us....

Harry: I’ll see what we can do....

Carlos: There is a problem though...

Fadi: What’s that?

Carlos: Nobody has asked Tony...

Fadi: Oh, erm, yeah... Go on Olivia – you ask him...

Olivia: Why me?

Fadi: You’re the best at that kind of thing...

Olivia: OK, OK... erm, Tony!

Tony: Yeah?

Olivia: What are you doing for Christmas?

Tony: Why?

Olivia: We wanted to invite you to have Christmas with us!

Tony: Well... well, that’s very kind of you… thank you, yes...

Olivia: Just one thing...

Tony: What’s that?

Olivia: Erm, we’d like to have our Christmas dinner here!

Tony: Here?

Olivia: Yes. Here!

Tony: Hmm... OK, but I’m not washing the dishes afterwards!

Fadi: Deal!

Johnny: This is going to be the best Christmas party ever!

(sounds of eating and drinking, laughter)

Carlos: So here it is! Some Brazilian specialties – this is papaya...

Magda: Mmmm...

Carlos: This is cassava...

Harry: Delicious...

Carlos: And caipirinha to drink!

All: Cheers! Happy Christmas!

Harry: And I’ve brought my mum’s Christmas pudding!

Sarah: Euurrgghh!

Olivia: No, you must try it! It's delicious!

(crashing noise)

All: What’s going on! What’s happened?

Johnny: It’s all dark!

Fadi: I can’t see anything!

Olivia: Joe! What have you done?

Harry: What’s happened?

Tony: He’s broken the lights! That little...

All: Oh no!

Bindyu: Never mind – let’s light candles!!!

Olivia: Good idea!

Fadi: Wow, yeah, this is really romantic!

Olivia: Isn’t it! Joe! Don’t touch the candles!

Fadi: It’s great to be with you Olivia...

Olivia: Erm, yeah, you too...

Bindyu: Yes, very romantic...

Harry: Great...

Carlos: Everybody thinks it’s romantic... I hope you do too, Sarah...

Sarah: Erm, yes, I suppose it is...

Johnny: It’s like I said – this is the best Christmas ever! I’m always right!


All: Happy Christmas!

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Submitted by PhuongHoang on Wed, 22/04/2020 - 08:30

Hi there! Please help me. Carlos said " you're on ". what does it mean ? Thank LearnEnglishteam a lot!

Hello PhuongHoang

'You're on' means 'OK, I accept'. If possible, please check the dictionary.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by jmajo on Tue, 10/09/2019 - 14:53

Thanks for the episode, it was really good to practise.