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Study skills tips

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Many studies about language learning ask the question: What makes a good language learner? There are some things that good language learners do and some things they don't do. Here are some of the most useful suggestions from studies.

  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes. People often get things wrong. Good language learners notice their mistakes and learn from them.
  • Do group activities. People use language to communicate with other people. A good language learner always looks for opportunities to talk with other students.
  • Make notes during every class. Notes help you to remember new language. Look at your notes when you do your homework.
  • Use a dictionary. Good language learners often use dictionaries to check the meaning of words they don't know. They also make their own vocabulary lists.
  • Think in the language you're learning outside the classroom. When you're shopping or walking down the street, remember useful words and phrases. Sometimes, when you're at home, say new words to practise your pronunciation.
  • Do extra practice. Test and improve your language, reading and listening skills with self-study material. You can find a lot of this online.
  • Imagine yourself speaking in the language. Many good language learners can see and hear themselves speaking in the language. This helps their motivation.
  • Enjoy the process. Good language learners have fun with the language. Watch a TV series or film, listen to songs, play video games or read a book. It's never too late to become a good language learner.

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Submitted by tomoka on Mon, 06/07/2020 - 08:01

I hear it is good for language learners to watch overseas dramas with a new language's subtitles. I think it is good way of studying languages. I major in a foreign language, so I know how difficult is to master the skill of speaking them. Of course, I must study hard them by writing or reading. But there are a lot of attractive dramas in the world. Furthermore, if the drama is made in the country I study the language, maybe it is useful for me. In fact, there are people around me can speak English by doing them. From this opinion, I recommend language learners to study language by using overseas works.

Submitted by mahiro on Mon, 06/07/2020 - 06:46

Hello. This sentence summary is about there are some things that good language learners do and some things they don't do. There are 8 suggestion sentence. I think most need sentence that don't be afraid of making mistakes. Because I often afraid of making mistakes. But I know, don't be afraid of making mistakes. Therefor I keep challenging to speak in English.

Submitted by Dilnoza Sulaymonova on Fri, 12/06/2020 - 08:47

The best way is learning more and more new vocabulary and to improve speaking skill

Submitted by Sharif Tayyebi on Sat, 06/06/2020 - 08:49

I usually do some of tips that I read in this part. I think all these tips are very nice and useful. In my opinion, a language is a tool to make communication, so we should use it in every part of our live and use it as a tool of communication. Nowadys, messaging, writing letters, chatting, using in phone calls, reading books and websites, makkng Facebook page, twitter, and so on are the other part of communication which we use them. I think, we should use a language in all aspects of our life. For example, I have a Facebook page, and sometimes I write on in English which I am learning now. I often request for help or ask for my mistakes from my friends, and they usually share with me. Sometimes I learn a lot of things from my friends. I suggest to everybody that they use Facebook and so on like a tool of learning. It will be a great way in our free time, but I should notice that using Facebook and other communication tools must be for free time and we shouldn't always use them. Thank you so much

Submitted by mouna99 on Tue, 19/05/2020 - 15:35

Try to find a speak partner, read books and stories with audio it helps to know the pronunciation of the words.

Submitted by mahiro on Tue, 19/05/2020 - 14:48

Hello everyone. I'm a college student it major in foreign language class. I use here in lesson. I decided to s English because of my school trip. So I talk native speaker and I lean a lot of vocabulary every day. I want to available, stay at home. Thank you in advance.

Submitted by Muhammad Bagir on Sun, 17/05/2020 - 04:58

I think, the first thing that you should have is the reason why you do this. On a chance i read a phrase from Nietzche, he said "If you find the answer of your 'why' question, there will be no question 'how' can stopping you.

Submitted by Yernar on Fri, 08/05/2020 - 11:27

Hello, world! We are all here multinational persons from different parts of earth. Each of us everyday speak on own national languages. In my country we everyday speak only on Russian and Kazakh languages. But each citizens are trying learn English. We has a thousands courses where we have been offered learn english. Who knows why english makes so great? I have been leaning english for 20 years but after I took a look on lewyer book I figured out that my english only on the starter. ))