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Obviously, this is the sequel to Fun in the City, which is a film I didn't like so it's fair to say my expectations were low. So, you could say I wasn't disappointed, as it met my expectations. It was awful! It was so awful, I'd rather not spend any more time on it by talking about it. But, that wouldn't be a film review and I think I owe you all a review to save you wasting your money going to see it.

So, it starts off with this big wedding scene. And, I won't go into why, but the whole scene is just there so they can make this one joke. It's not even a funny joke ... it's just, ah, it's just terrible. It's got nothing to do with the rest of the film. Anyway, it starts there. Then, instead of the characters and the plot staying in New York where the original film was set, one of them wins a ticket to India and decides to take all her friends. It's what directors do when they've run out of ideas … let's take our characters on tour!

Anyway, they gossip, cry and shop, and they repeat this until the end. No real people would ever act like this. I didn't have any sympathy for their problems or even care what happened to them. Don't go and see it, you'll only encourage them to make another sequel. The world doesn't need three of these films. Please save your money and go and see the other big film this week: Twilight Mirror.

So, if you're a fan of the book it's based on, you're probably as excited as I was about this. For everyone else, this is a film fans have been waiting ten years to see. I have to confess, I was a bit nervous. I'd seen the posters and they didn't look right. I didn't love them at all. And I wasn't sure about the actors they cast either. So I went in not sure what to expect. But … I loved it.

One thing I really liked about it was the pace. They went backwards and forwards between the real world and the computer world and it worked really well. The special effects brought the computer world to life and I totally believed in it. But, more than that, I felt emotionally connected to the story and the characters. The whole film worked on so many levels. It reminded me of going to the cinema as a child – how much fun that was. I can't recommend it enough.

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Submitted by DanielM on Fri, 28/08/2020 - 18:56

The last movie that I remember that I saw was Harry Potter in a marathon of Harry Potter films, because I like these films because they convert a "normal" world together with one of magic and I also like that it has been a woman which wrote the books on which the film is based and the type of imagination and ability to illustrate it in a book.

Submitted by juanidkidkidk on Fri, 28/08/2020 - 15:04

Nice tasks, my english teacher recommed this and is wonderful for study english

Submitted by valediaz on Fri, 28/08/2020 - 14:39

I liked this activity

Submitted by fahri on Sat, 08/08/2020 - 18:04

Dear team. From the lesson above. I think I owe you all a review to save you wasting your money going to see it. The question: What does it mean that sentence?? Especially 'I think I owe you' . Thank you very much for your answer

Hello fahri,

The phrase I think I owe you... means the same as I think I should give you... or I think you deserve...




The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Hai994 on Sun, 14/06/2020 - 02:27

The last movie I saw is (1917), I loved the movie, It's about two British solider in the world war 1. I liked it because it makes you live with the characters. Also, the most impressive thing is they had taken the film in a single shot. I highly recommend you to see this movie.

Submitted by nona nasr on Fri, 12/06/2020 - 21:53

Sorry I didn’t mention the movie it was titanic

Submitted by nona nasr on Fri, 12/06/2020 - 21:51

I’ll talk about a film which I love it most , not last one I had seen ,because I affected by it very much As it was a real story as well the professional actors and huge production .I emotionally connected to all the events but I was sad about the ending nevertheless i saw that movie more than once.