My last holiday

My last holiday

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My last holiday

My last holiday was a five-day trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. I know Prague well because I lived there when I was at university, more than ten years ago.

Instead of staying in a hotel, I stayed with one of my old friends. It was so much fun, and a little bit like my old life. I wanted to do all the same things I did in my university days, so I visited the university. It has changed a lot and looks more modern. I also went to the supermarket near my old house. I loved seeing all the different foods. I was really happy to find my favourite cheese and chocolate biscuits but they were a bit more expensive than I remember!

We did some touristy things too. We walked up beautiful Petrin Hill and around the castle. The views of the city are amazing up there. We walked across the historic Charles Bridge. My friend's flat is very near the TV Tower so we saw the famous baby statues climbing up it. Those things haven't changed, of course.


1. Try to make your writing interesting for the reader. To do this, you can make it personal with your own memories and experiences.

2. Use adjectives to add detail to your descriptions.

3. Write clear and simple sentences and organise your ideas in short paragraphs. Give each paragraph a different topic.

4. Use so, but, and, because and other linking words.

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Submitted by Ryuji on Wed, 29/07/2020 - 13:34

My last holiday was a shopping mall. That time was before the coronavirus infection began. At that time, I had a lot of part-time jobs and it was the only holiday I had, so I played with my friends to change my mind. I first tried to meet up with a friend at the station, but I was a little late because of a stomachache. After that, I was looking at clothes in a shopping mall while talking to the public. It was a large store, so I got lost on the way. I had worn my legs for a few hours after watching my clothes with my friends. For lunch, I went to a restaurant full of desserts and ate a lot, but I was sick because I only had sweets in my mouth. After that, I went to the general store and saw what I wanted. At that time, I was talking to my friends about what happened to college classes and short-term study abroad due to the coronavirus. I didn't think it would be postponed at that time, but I didn't think it would be postponed for almost a year, and I couldn't even imagine it. After having dinner with my friends, I went home. Since I was tired from the house, I fell asleep. I can't meet my friends directly now because of the coronavirus infection, but now I want to be patient and not go out.
Profile picture for user Hennadii

Submitted by Hennadii on Tue, 21/07/2020 - 14:43

My last holiday was last year. I was in Egypt with my family and it was an awesome holiday. We stayed in a beautiful cozy hotel with a large territory with lots of trees, bushes, and flowers. Our room was big and have an extra place for kid's beds. And we even had something like our own porch with chairs and coffee table. We also had some pools where kids could swim and play. And not to mention the sea. It was gorgeous. Warm and still with corals and fish. We had a lot of fun there swimming and capering every day.

Submitted by Suellen Esteves on Fri, 17/07/2020 - 00:21

My last holiday was before the pandemic, in December in the city Gramado/RS-Brasil. There it is a place wonderful, especially at that time because the city wear herself of Christmas. It have several events for Christmas and everything is so beautiful. I recomend a lot.
Profile picture for user makar magadanov

Submitted by makar magadanov on Tue, 14/07/2020 - 15:25

My last holiday was in Alania in Turkey. I was no so beautiful.Because i had went there alone. Though i am used to going to holiday but this time it was boring. I did not enjoy so much.

Submitted by Dastenova Firuza on Sun, 12/07/2020 - 19:19

My last holiday was to Mangit city. I went there with my husband and friends. We had a picnic at the beach. Some of us swam, but i didn't as I don't like swimming. It was a very funny party.

Submitted by gachatama26 on Tue, 16/06/2020 - 14:49

I spent my last holiday in Australia. I went to there with my friends. Until then, although I had been abroad with my family, I hadn’t been abroad without my family. So, it was my first try! Through the travel, there were two impressive points. First, we had never planned trip from the beginning by ourselves. So, it was so hard to plan the travel by ourselves and we struggled very much with that. we went to travel agency a lot of times and made a hotel reservation and flight tickets. Then, we had to decide what we do after reaching Australia. They were very difficult and tough but also exciting and awesome. I believe our travel got even better because we made a plan by ourselves. Second, we have been to a remote island in Australia by boat. Then, I mustered the courage to speak English with foreigners. My friends couldn’t speak English at all. And I’m not so good at speaking English. But they were so kind and told us about same thing over and over again. So, I was able to know a lot of new things. We had a very amazing time. And at that time, I felt “I want to talk with them more! And I desire to experience more like this in the future.” Until then, I hadn’t had confident in my English skill. But then, I didn’t care if my English is right or wrong. And I could tell them a lot of things in English. My last holiday was really special experience. After traveling in Australia, I felt the ability to act is so important. In college life, I would like to visit many countries and make life more prosperous.

Submitted by herry abwe on Tue, 26/05/2020 - 12:50

My last holiday was in Canada

Submitted by mouna99 on Mon, 25/05/2020 - 16:36

My last holiday was in my origin coutryside

Submitted by Anna Goraj on Tue, 19/05/2020 - 14:10

My score is 6/8.

Submitted by Anna Goraj on Sun, 17/05/2020 - 15:04

My last holidays I have in Szczawnica . I want to Szczawnica together with my family and my best friends . The weather was great it was sunny and heat every day . Outstanding view of beautiful mountains . The food was delicious and people very friendly . We plan that friends repeat such a holiday.