Episode 03: The boys talk

Episode 03: The boys talk

The boys at the café are talking about girls and Harry reveals an exciting decision! What is it?

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Johnny: Hey, guys! Did you hear about Magda?

All: No.

Johnny: She won a prize for her architecture!

All: That’s great!

Johnny: ... but it turned out she’d only designed the door handles for the winning building!

Harry: Ha ha ha! Yeah, but c’mon, that’s not funny. She’s really talented! It’s a great place to start.

Johnny: What? Do you fancy her or something?

Harry: No! Get out of here! I’m just being nice.

Fadi: Yeah, Johnny, come on ... 

Johnny: Guys! I’m only joking – good on her, really! Talking of girlfriends ...

All: Yeah?

Johnny: I hear you’ve been going out with Olivia, Fadi!

Fadi: OK, yeah, just once or twice, though. She’s really nice.

Harry: Are you going to see her again?

Fadi: Probably – she’s in this café every day!

Harry: You know what I mean! Are you going to go out with her again?

Fadi: Oh ... I don’t know ... maybe ... Anyway – let’s change the subject: what about you and Bindyu?

Harry: Yeah. It’s good, y’know, we’re really different as people, but we get on pretty well actually.

All: Carlos!

Carlos: Hello there, guys! Only you lot today?

Johnny: Looks like it. Don’t know where all the girls are today ...

Fadi: Gone shopping, probably.

Carlos: I think those girls have more interests than just shopping. They’re a pretty intelligent bunch of people!

Harry: That’s true actually. They’re all more successful than we are!

Johnny: Hey! Speak for yourself! I’m very successful!

All: (laugh)

Harry: In that case, Johnny – you should buy us all a coffee!

Johnny: OK, then! Tony – a cappuccino for everyone, please!

Tony: All right, all right ...

Harry: So, Carlos, we were just talking about girlfriends.

Fadi: Wait, Harry – you were talking about girlfriends.

Harry. Whatever! Have you seen Sarah again, Carlos?

Carlos: Yeah. It was difficult at first – we’re quite different people.

Harry: Tell me about it ...!

Carlos: But we both like cinema, and cooking – so we go out to see a movie, then go and get something to eat somewhere. It’s good.

Harry: Nothing more?

Carlos: Well, no ... I’m taking it slowly. I’m a bit fed up with my job here, y’know, thinking about maybe giving it up and going back to Brazil.

Fadi: Really? Wow, well, we’d be sorry to see you go!

Harry: Yeah – we’d miss you!

Carlos: What about you and Bindyu, Harry?

Harry: Well, I was just telling the guys, we’re getting on really well. I’m even ... I mean ... I’ve thought about ...

All: What?

Harry: Asking her to marry me!

All: No!!!!!!!

Harry: Well, only, y’know, like ... maybe ... just a thought ...

Johnny: Blimey – Tony – I think we’ll need those coffees extra strong!

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