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I am an architect with 20 years' experience of designing and developing spaces. I am a partner in the award-winning STG Architects Ltd, which is famous for its work on the Galroy Building in London. I enjoy working with people from all over the world and have international experience of working in Italy, Greece, Thailand, Australia and Brazil. I have a Master of Science from Sheffield University and a BA in Architecture from Hull University. I also speak Italian and Thai. When I am not working, I spend my time hiking, skiing and diving.


I am an experienced sales manager with 12 years' experience of developing customer service teams. I am skilled in negotiation, team motivation and building successful sales teams. After ten years of working in sales and customer service at Halo Bank, I am now the sales office manager of a team of 120 at Southern General Plastics Ltd. I have an MBA from Stanford University and a degree in Business Studies from Cornell University. I am creative and hardworking, and enjoy working with others.

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A2 English level (pre-intermediate)

Submitted by Shoma Tateishi on Fri, 10/07/2020 - 16:06

Now I am a university student. So I haven't worked yet. Since I am studying foreign languages, I would like to get a job that makes use of foreign languages in the future. Based on that, I'll talk about how I'm improving your skills at university. I am currently studying English, German and Spanish at university.In addition, I am studying the cultures and backgrounds of various countries.Sometimes they feel fun, but sometimes they feel difficult. But I find them rewarding.My goal is to improve my ability to use foreign languages and use them in my work.It's difficult but I want to do my best.

Submitted by Naru Yasuda on Fri, 10/07/2020 - 14:31

Now I am a university student. So, I do not work yet. Therefor I will write just my thinking. I think I want to improve my English skills. I think English skill is very important skill in our future. And I learn Chinese now. I began learning Chinese this spring. It is very difficult for me. But I am interested in learning Chinese. Japan has a lot of tourist in the world now. Especially many Chinese come to Japan. And in the future more and more Chinese people will come Japan. So I obtain Chinese while I go to university.

Submitted by Noyama Juri on Fri, 10/07/2020 - 09:50

I'm a student so I don't work. but I've been working part-time since I was in the second year of high school. I have been working at a restaurant at a yakiniku restaurant for over 2 years. I was able to learn communication skills as I worked. I want to use the communication skills I learned in this part-time job to become a wonderful ground staff who can communicate with people overseas.

Submitted by Suellen Esteves on Fri, 10/07/2020 - 01:35

I am engineer for 3 years and I have experience with construction and reform residential and commercial

Submitted by Machida on Thu, 09/07/2020 - 10:51

I'm a first-year university student, so I'm not working. But I've been working part-time job since high school. I'm working in restaurant. Therefore, I can serve with a smile. I'm studying English and Korean now. I want to make of my part-time job experience to become a staff member working at the airport in Korea. So I must study harder!

Submitted by Akemi Matsumoto on Thu, 09/07/2020 - 08:43

I am a freshman university student. I have three qualifications for English skill test from 3 to 2 grade. Also, I am a Spanish speaker, so that I have experiences in more than three languages. I enjoy talking with people from around the world. Now, I am learning a lot of things in the university in order to improve my English skills. My nearest goal is to pass the grade 1 English skill test and got about 900 points in TOEIC.

Submitted by Alexander Shev… on Tue, 07/07/2020 - 19:01

Friends, I still study archivist skillpack, learning English, German and information about my future job. Hope that I'll study in college since September.

Submitted by Dastenova Firuza on Tue, 07/07/2020 - 14:02

I am a teacher of English. I have been working as a teacher for 12 years. I teach foreign language in medicine, so I am good at translating and interpreting medical texts. I have a degree of Master. In my free time I like trying new recipes.

Submitted by Saria Muraoka on Mon, 06/07/2020 - 11:22

I'm not working. I'm a first-year college student now. When I was in junior high school student, I decided to study English at university. Because I want to work in a job in which I use English. So I'm studying some languages and countries. That is really fun. I should get more experience. I want to try my hand at a lot of different things in this four years. I have to continue to study harder and come to be able to speak English. The experience that I gained here will probably help me greatly in my future jobs. I'll do my best!!

Submitted by fukuzawa on Mon, 06/07/2020 - 08:26

I work at a convenience store. The main focus of work is customer service. I also use a computer at the backyard.

Submitted by Suzuha on Mon, 06/07/2020 - 08:16

I am a university student and working part time job at McDonalds. I have worked there for 2 years, and nowadays I started studying to be a manager.

Submitted by tomoka on Sun, 05/07/2020 - 07:32

I don't work, but I'm university student. I don't have a lot of experiences and good skills. Therefore, I want to make efforts to have good skills and experiences. First, in order to do them, I study foreign languages hard. For instance, I like to study English, but I'm not good at speaking English. I think speaking English is a good skill. So, these days I memorize English grammar or words. I can not speak English fluency yet, but I try to keep practicing it. Secondly, I hope to have experiences by meeting a kind of people. there are a lot of people in university. And people have different ideas. So, I absorb ideas from others, I want to learn good knowledge.

Submitted by Maiko Tanzawa on Thu, 02/07/2020 - 12:23

Since I am a student now, I have no professional experience or skills unless I get a job. However, I have had various experiences in my life. I have also been involved in activities such as swimming, learning English and calligraphy, participating in club activities, traveling to various places, participating in competitions and events. I would like to have various experiences from now on until I go out and work in society. And if possible, I would like to take an examination such as Eiken or TOEIC and obtain a qualification. I will think about various things from now on in order to become a necessary human resource in society.

Submitted by R on Tue, 30/06/2020 - 16:44

I'm a university student, so I'm not working now. I belong to a foreign language department at university. I'm studying Chinese as a second foreign language as well as English. I just started studying Chinese and can only understand the basics. It's difficult to study Chinese, but it's very interesting. So when I get to work in the future, I want to get a job where I can make use of the foreign language I studied. I want to get a lot of knowledge at university and play an active role in work.

Submitted by NANAKA on Mon, 29/06/2020 - 14:20

Hello! Everyone. I'm a first-year university student. My field of study is literature and my major is foreign languages. I'm studying Korea as a second language. I'm having a hard time finishing homework, but I feel fulfilled everyday. Even though I have the qualifications, I can't actually use what I know. I'd like to improve my language ability, and work as a tour guide outside of Japan in the future. I'll keep getting better. Please root for me!!

Submitted by Yonemura Tomoya on Mon, 29/06/2020 - 09:19

Hello. I am a first year university student in Japan. I study some languages and other counties' culture. It is difficult, but also fun for me. My goal is to be able to speak some languages well, and to get a job that is useful for people. I am a first year student, so I don't have expriences at university. From now on, I want to exprience various things. When I choice a job three years leter, skills and exprience would be useful. I want to be cherish the present and work hard.

Submitted by Yuri Chida on Mon, 29/06/2020 - 08:29

I don’t have a job now because I am a student. I am studying English at university so I want a job which can make use of English in the future. Also, I would like to enjoy a job and work hard with others. I will describe what I learned and experienced up to now for example, I leaned English at university and I have been to study abroad. Also, I will describe my English skills for example, I can speak English, I am good at writing, I practiced listening to English and so on. I would a job that suit me.

Submitted by mahiro on Mon, 29/06/2020 - 06:48

This sentence summary that is sentence about work for each one. Maria is architect with 20 years' experience of designing and developing spaces. She is enjoys working with people from all over the world. She can speak two language. Emily is an experienced sales manager with 12 years' experience of developing customer service teams. She is skilled in negotiation, team motivation and building successful sales teams. She enjoy working with someone.

Submitted by Dilnoza Sulaymonova on Fri, 12/06/2020 - 08:44

I am an English teacher at Institute of Irrigation and Agriculture

Submitted by Sharif Tayyebi on Thu, 04/06/2020 - 14:02

I am an eight years experienced lecturer in the field of criminal law. I acted as a lecturer in many private universities and higher educational institutes. I have been a lecturer of human rights in an Institute since 2012, and I have worked as a lecturer of criminal procedure in two universities since 2015. Moreover, I am an assistant professor in another university where I have been there for four years, and lectured human rights and children delinquency. All these subjects are interesting for me and I love them. I have written a book which is about human rights. It published in 2017, and I hope that it will republish in the fall season of this year. I am hopefully waiting that my next book will publish next semester, which is about Criminal procedure of Afghanistan. I got my LLM in the field of political science and law from Kabul university and I have MA in Criminal Law. Best wishes, Tayyebi

Submitted by mouna99 on Tue, 19/05/2020 - 15:24

i don't have a job, I am a student

Submitted by Muhammad Bagir on Sun, 17/05/2020 - 04:47

I'm a fresh graduate of High School. During this pandemic, i can't get any job. So here I am, just lying on the bed, drink a cup of tea every day, and learn any skills that might be useful for my future.

Submitted by SAW on Tue, 05/05/2020 - 11:38

I am an engineer with 10years experience of site operation and inspection. I am now working in construction as an inspector. At the moment I have been working in a Japanese Consultant Company that it is constructed under the JICA Project. I enjoy site operation and site inspection. I have international experience like Singapore and Japan. I enjoy working in an international company with the foreigner because I can get skills and experience. I speak English and Burmese. I play football in my free time.

Submitted by ansyah on Sat, 02/05/2020 - 05:12

Hello! I am ansyah, I guitarist professional in my country. I skilled in all around a music like skilled play piano, guitar,drums,and violins. I am proud to my self because I work hard and creative. And I am in here to study English, sorry if my word have mistakes.

Submitted by Djoo on Mon, 27/04/2020 - 05:33

I'am a maths teacher with 8 years' experience of teaching maths in my country and this year I work in Quatar. In my country I teached maths in french but here I teach in arabic. I try improve my english because I want teach maths in this language

Submitted by ademyonet on Mon, 13/04/2020 - 18:38

I studied teaching strategies and pedagogy spaces in university. After I work at primary school about six years, I studied educational administration and supervision spaces master of sceince in HAY University. So I worked at middle school for principal about ten years. I am still going on to learning and studying. I am very happy.
Profile picture for user OlaIELTS

Submitted by OlaIELTS on Thu, 09/04/2020 - 02:54

I am a Financial Analyst and Management Professional. I am a qualified and an experienced Financial and Management Professional with 8 years' experience in the profession. I am skilled in communication, team motivation, logical and analytical mindset, interpersonal, problem solving and maximizing results to strengthen organization position.

Submitted by jahidbd on Sun, 05/04/2020 - 09:19

I'm a student of philosophy. I was taking my final year exam of bachelor but its postponement for convid-19. I gave 5 exam but still I have 4 exam to take. I hope after going to be fine everything I could take my next 4 exam. This is free time for me so that I'm trying to improve my English. By the way, I'm working in a e-commerce company from last year, I have skill on website developing.

Submitted by Daudau0601 on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 04:41

Actually i don't have any job, when i am focusing on studying at university in DN, i have to stop it and come back home because of covid19. 1 month a go, i worked at a men's clothing store and i think it helps me many skill in my life

Submitted by Lauracastanos on Fri, 03/04/2020 - 00:56

I am Professional in Commercial and Marketing Administration with five years of experience in functions related to the creation of corporate alliances, customer service, development and execution of marketing strategies, preparation of management reports, monitoring of compliance with goals, budget management, attention to the communication channel on the website, chronogram management, creation and Advertising management.

Submitted by Mayra Alexandra on Thu, 02/04/2020 - 15:53

I am a web content writer with 2 years of experience writing texts on different websites. I am skilled in working with big teams and and enjoy it.

Submitted by Giahaitruong on Mon, 02/03/2020 - 10:54

hello, I'm a electrical engineer at Hanoi. I've had 4 years experience in my career. My job associate with electrical circuit, measuring machine, programming, etc ... I'm good at using Microsoft Office, writing code, photoshop and designing website. I'm also a creative, determined and punctual person.

Submitted by Alaa Basha on Sun, 16/02/2020 - 08:32

I work as statistics administrative and marketing researcher. I work for a trading company which sells primary goods like wheat, rice, flour and sugar. I'm good at using computer especially Microsoft Office programs also i have skill in organizing things.

Submitted by MaryaSun on Fri, 31/01/2020 - 11:08

actually, i don't do any work. But i have done lot of apprenticeships with my university. My experiences are about theater, television and cinema. I am a scenographer and i haveworked lot of time in a stage and i have painted lots of scenographies and i have helped lots of porters during the scenograpies allestiment

Submitted by Dariusz on Tue, 28/01/2020 - 23:48

I work alone at home, I sell different kind of product by internet. I have master of history so I am not qualified to do this. My experience doesn't concern this section, but doesn't have to because I am the boss for myself :) I am creative and hardworking.

Submitted by shahhoseini on Sat, 25/01/2020 - 14:25

I am a lecturer at a private university with 25 academic years of experience. I supervise some students in an MS degree. The teaching and researching are extremely attractive to me because these activities are creatively and motivating.
Profile picture for user Magedelabd

Submitted by Magedelabd on Thu, 26/12/2019 - 14:02

I work as automotive service manager . I work in the automotive after sales department since 2003 . I started as a maintenance technician then diagnostic technician , technical trainer , workshop foreman then at the end service manager since 2010. my qualifications is a 5 years mechanical engineering bachelor degree and one year certified manager degree from Mercedes Benz academy. my skills are , marketing , technical , communication . team management ,negotiation .

Submitted by popo1011 on Mon, 09/12/2019 - 08:34

Hello everyone I am surveying engineer, But I work at the bank in building and facility part for 15 years and I Draw a building architecture map with Autocad application. also I khow 3Dmax application. in free times, I try to learn English.

Submitted by cuniglios on Mon, 18/11/2019 - 01:57

Hi everyone, Actually, I study Health and Safety’s career, I´m housewife and work like an administrative support on a Little company of dental supplies. In my free time I like make more things, but not alway I have a time for all. Usually I going to English class, swimming , cooking, ride a bike. Regards.

Submitted by Maksmatt on Thu, 17/10/2019 - 16:05

I'm a musician, but I work at differents school as a teacher. My subjects are music, science and Norwegian as a second language. I have a master in music and undergraduate studies in Norwegian. Also I have 25 experience in teaching children and adults.

Submitted by Abdulmoati on Sat, 28/09/2019 - 20:19

I’m a Surveyor Engineer I had 7 years experience for site work , I worked at many Companies,Institutions and two years in a municipality. I’m master at Instruments Surveying. I’m resident at KSA. I love working with others, hardworking and creative.

Submitted by Fudhol on Tue, 10/09/2019 - 04:30

I am a government tax officer in Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) in Indonesian Ministry of finance, the institution which collecting tax from the taxpayer. I have been working here for almost 6 years and my job desk specialization is processing Disbursement of Return Claim from the taxpayer who overpaid taxes and wants it to be returned.

Submitted by sunna chowdhury on Sat, 07/09/2019 - 14:36

I am a Economic Policy Maker I mean Economist . I worked for Government Of Bangladesh since 2000. Actually my work is before budget making plan for probable expenditures on education sector.
Profile picture for user drphungmanhtien

Submitted by drphungmanhtien on Tue, 03/09/2019 - 04:51

Hi every one. After reading these two professional profile summaries, I have found that, MAria is most suitable for my company. I am 20 years experienced in civil engineering, special in transportation fields like bridges and road. I am qualified at the Zilina University in Zilina, Slovak republic. I love Slovak nation, people and nature so much.

Submitted by Eman Alahmad on Mon, 05/08/2019 - 08:06

I'm a teacher with four years experience, I worked at Aleppo university as a lecturer, now I'm teaching biology at intermediate school. I have diploma certificate, and done courses for teaching techniques. I'm hard working teacher, and have a good relationship with my students. In my free time I go to gym, do knitting and crochet, and reading.

Submitted by ayusisi on Wed, 31/07/2019 - 10:26

I work at an e-commerce company as a product manager. I have been working there for 1 year. My job is to manage the product and make sure the product well deliver to the user. Then the user can use the product and can help them to solve their problems. I also need to make sure there are no bugs anymore once product release to the user. I really love my job, I have good and nice coworkers and we can work together well.

Submitted by cittàutopica on Thu, 18/07/2019 - 15:27

After a brief work esperience in private sphere, I have always worked in public bodies: University, school, police forces and, finally, in a regional body. I have a degree in Philosophy, a Master's degree in Public Management and other qualifications.

Submitted by ienacee on Thu, 04/07/2019 - 05:48

I have been working in a recruitment agency as Administrative/HR Officer for seven years now. I oversee the recruitment processing of the company and sometimes participate in selection process of prospective applicants.

Submitted by Mahamba1985 on Mon, 27/05/2019 - 14:29

Mahamba is a teacher by profession, he has more than 12 years in teaching career, he is experienced English teacher teaching secondary school. He is a skilled teacher when it comes to teaching literature in class. That is what makes his class interested and active.