A report on a student meeting

A report on a student meeting

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Improvements to Oak Hall


This report aims to describe problems in Oak Hall of Residence and discuss possible maintenance work to solve them. The two biggest issues were discussed at a meeting on 12 May, which was attended by 165 of the 250 students who live in the building.

Issue 1: temperature in rooms

A number of students complained that the second-floor bedrooms are too hot. Concerns were raised about lack of sleep and students finding it hard to study in their rooms. Air conditioning was suggested as a possible solution.

However, there is no budget left for installing air conditioning this academic year. Also, installation can only be carried out during holidays as students cannot be present in the building while the work takes place.

Issue 2: improving wheelchair access to Oak Café

It was noted that wheelchair users can only access Oak Café from the back and not the front entrance nearer the lifts. This makes access to the café difficult for wheelchair users. The university is looking to improve its wheelchair access in general by installing ramps in key areas and work can take place during term time with no issues for staff or students.

Conclusion and recommendations

Taking the factors mentioned into account, August would be the best time for the installation of air conditioning. Until then, the university could consider supplying fans to each second-floor room so students can sleep and study comfortably.

The front of the café is recommended as an ideal place to install a wheelchair ramp. This work can take place immediately and should be a priority.


  1. Start with the aim of the report and say where the information comes from.
  2. Use subheadings to make the layout clear. Follow a logical structure, e.g.:
    • Introduction
    • The problem(s) (Give each issue a separate section)
    • Conclusion and recommendations
  3. Assume the person reading the report has asked you to write it and needs only a brief introduction to the situation.
  4. Use an impersonal, formal style.
  5. Use the passive to keep the focus off individual people:
    Concerns were raised about ...
    ... was suggested ...
  6. You should also use objective language for recommendations and conclusions:
    ... would be the best …
    the university could consider ...
    ... is recommended ...


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Submitted by danisep on Sun, 04/10/2020 - 03:26

I have never made a report but today I could invent one, improvements to church offices. This report aims to describe problems in office door glasses, last week administrative staff had a meeting where they discussed some issues including problems with door glasses and office illumination. Issues 1: Glasse in main entrance are imperceptible. In the main entrance one employment hit against the glass, broken the glass and caused some injuries in the employed for that reason it’s important to put sticks labels over the glasse to solve the problem and avoid that issues occur again. Issue 2. intensity light low causing troubles in employed sight. Employeds has been annoying about the low light in the office which is causing headaches due to long hours of work in these conditions. We suggest improve office’s limitations by setting up new lamps.

Submitted by Ugulhan on Wed, 30/09/2020 - 08:57

I have written like this a report when I had my internship program at Bosch company. But, I feel that I have forgotten some writing rules after this preparation lesson. I am really proud to learn useful materials once again here. Particularly, the passive form for giving the issues is impressed me. I think since I have studied on the British.learn platform my English skills have gradually been increased.

Submitted by YaMaCa on Fri, 25/09/2020 - 09:16

I have done some reports in my mother tongue, so today is my first try in English. The report aims to describe the actual condition of the Blink Born building and the possible solutions. The main concerns are cleaning in social areas and parking. 1 Issue: Cleaning at the access door. During the year but especially in the fall season, at the entrance door, there is garbage and dry tree leaves. It is necessary to install one waste disposal site near to the door and one vacuum machine, that lets the residents clean properly the place. 2 Issue: incorrect Parking The parking place is enough wide, however, some residents leave the car in a not straight position avoiding the neighbor car to free open to the doors. A potential solution is to install labels that indicate the right technique to park a car. RECOMMENDATIONS - Adequate a waste disposal site near to access the door and vacuum machine in order to maintain the place clean. - install labels in the parking zone that show the right way to park the cars, to avoid disturbing the neighbors.
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Submitted by shelly on Mon, 07/09/2020 - 04:02

Lunch time reschedule and Improvement to office building This report aims to discuss problems about our lunch time rescheduled and maintenance work for office steps. These two issues were discussed at a meeting on 10 July, which was attended by 10 of the 12 co-workers who are responsible for the facilities services. Issue 1: waiting long time for lunch A number of employees complained that during lunch time they have to wait a line for a long time. Concerns were raised about lack of sleep and they find it hard to totally keep a safety distance during this covid-19 situation. Providing lunch time at a different time period was suggested as a possible solution. Issues 2 Improving entrance steps skidding during snowy/rainy days It was noted that some people were slided last month when they walk through the entrance steps of office building. This makes employees afraid to walk on the steps during bad weather especially snowy days. The administration office is looking to improve the steps by putting some anti-skidding pad. However, rebuilding can only be carried out during the holiday as employees cannot walk into the building while the work takes place. Conclusion and Recommendations Taking the factors mentioned into account, october would be the best time for the steps rebuilding. Until then, the administration office could consider supplying some anti-skidding pad on the main parts of the steps for safety. Canteen will supply lunch at four periods from 11:00-12:20, employees should follow their own time schedule to take lunch. Also, remember to keep a safety distance and leave quickly after having lunch.

Submitted by kyawkyawsoezhu on Thu, 27/08/2020 - 17:42

I never wrote a report before, I don't like writing reports even in my native language, instead of writing reports I speak directly, it's easier for me to explain and give me a chance to explain it again if they don't understand. On paper, I don't know that they would understand my writing or not, as my English writing is not that good, that's why I prefer speaking rather than writing. But as my career grows, I will definitely have to write reports to keep records for future reference, or for my upper-level manager who likely doesn't have time to speak with me very often. that's why I started practicing my English writing for the last 3 days.

Submitted by aml96 on Wed, 26/08/2020 - 17:50

improve lab equipment introduction this report describe lack equipment in lab and discus the possible tools can add to facilitate practice part for students the two biggest issues were discus at the meeting on 5 may 2020 was attended by the 4th level students issue one: fix old equipment we used old tools some of them was broken and another useless so the student found wrong result in reaction also can hurt by broken tools a new tools was suggest as solution as possible issue two: narrow space the lab room was narrow space no viable chairs and tables the students waited for inter the lab in small groups we hope to be found wide room for lab conclusion and recommends take the factors mentioned into account

Submitted by Ethel_Morales on Tue, 25/08/2020 - 01:42

-Introduction This report aims to describe and list the options that were discussed to deal with coronavirus in the office. This was discussed in the last meet with all the employes of the Museum. - Issue 1: entrance of the office almost everyone was agreed with the proposal of the director to have a container with disinfect substance in the principal door to step on. besides, it was suggested to get installed a water stack in the garden, in that way, everyone could wash their hands before getting into the office -Issue 2: Cares in the office Some people concern about not allowing to use the microwave oven to warm their food, because they explain is not healthy to eat a cold food and also it is not allowed to buy something or order something from outside. The suggestion is to allow people to order food and received it out of the building, could be in the principal door -Conclusion Since maintaining everything cleaned, especially our hands, is the most important to avoid spreading Covid-19, as the WHO recommended. The first suggests might be done immediately. For the second one, is highly recommended to consider that the work schedule is 8 hours a day, and in order to get the employe working well and as healthy as they must be in this sanitary crisis, should eat very well.

Submitted by IKEDA on Fri, 21/08/2020 - 17:05

Sometimes I write reports for our clients to report the process of our work or tasks. Originally, I didn't like making reports for clients, that's because I didn't think that it's the main task to complete the work, only boring sub-task. Now, I don't have this idea because the right communication with clients is very important to build trust with each other and for the work to be a success.
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Submitted by Hennadii on Tue, 11/08/2020 - 10:33

Unfortunately, I had to write reports a lot. I used the word "unfortunately" because I think writing reports is the most boring thing ever. I used to take part in the weekly meetings at my previous work and writing reports was my duty. And I wasn't the worst part of this job. After the report had been written, I had to confirm its text with all participants. Some of them (actually, all of them) had their own view at the last meeting so I had to rewrite every report several times. I hated this job. I mean I physically hate this job and was happy when this duty shifted to another person.

Submitted by Abassomooyedele on Fri, 17/07/2020 - 10:50

Suspension of request for payment Introduction This report aims to describe the grievances of JSS students and discuss possible panacea for them. The two major issues were discussed at a meeting on July 17, 2020 which was well attended by 135 out of 141 students expected. Issue 1: The request for school fee Two weeks ago, the management of this great citadel of learning mandated all JSS students to pay their school fee before August Concerns were raised about how difficult it is for their parents to make money amid this pandemic. It was also mentioned that schools have not been permitted to open officially and payment of tuition would be out of place. It was also said that schools might not be allowed to resume till next year and the whole session might be cancelled. So asking for schools is not in. their interest but it is for the personal aggrandisement of the proprietor. issue 2: Request for examination fee It is noted all most everyone has paid nearly 80 percent of the fee. And since there is no certainty that schools will resume any time soon, it is unbelievable that the school is threatening us that it would withdrawal our names from its candidates' list. In contrary, the management is expected to assure them that it would refund their money should government cancel the examination due to closure of schools. Conclusion and recommendations Considering all the factors mentioned above, it would be out of place to ask the students to pay tuition or examination fee. It would be recommended that management seeks the financial assistance of their students' parents in order to finance their running expenses. It would also be thoughtful of the school to save the money already paid for examination and be ready to use it for tuition should government cancel the exam.