Discussing advantages and disadvantages

In this video, Noelia and Yuna talk about how to encourage creativity in the office. Listen to the language they use to discuss advantages and disadvantages and practise saying the useful phrases.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.


Ana: Hi! I'm Ana. Welcome to What to Say

Do you know what to say when you discuss advantages and disadvantages? Listen out for useful language for discussing advantages and disadvantages. Then, we'll practise saying the new phrases – after this.


Noelia: So, table tennis, bean bags, board games, video games! Hey, how about a trampoline?

Yuna: Stop right there. I love your ideas, Noelia, but a trampoline? Really?

Noelia: Absolutely. When do you have your best ideas?

Yuna: I don't know. Usually when I'm cooking, I suppose.

Noelia: Exactly. We often have our best ideas when we are away from our desks. The other day I was on a trampoline and the vision for the creativity room came to me.

Yuna: Why were you on a trampo…? Never mind. Look, on the one hand it's a lovely idea and it fits with our brand, but on the other hand it could be noisy and chaotic and maybe too much fun!

Noelia: But having fun helps you be creative, and being creative is vital to our business! 

Yuna: I see what you mean, but I'm just not sure if a trampoline is necessary. Also, there could be an issue with the clients arriving at the office and seeing us all jumping around.

Noelia: I see where you're coming from, but I think our clients will love it! And there are lots of advantages to trampolining. It's good for the body and the mind.

Yuna: Maybe, but I can also see the disadvantages. What if someone hurts themselves?

Noelia: But we're all adults. And we can get extra insurance. Come on! It's a great idea!

Yuna: OK, I'll think about it. 

Noelia: Perfect. I'll email you some links!

Yuna: I haven't said yes! Oh, Noelia! 


Ana: Hello again! A trampoline in the office? Well, there's an idea! So, did you notice the useful phrases used for discussing advantages and disadvantages? Listen to me and then repeat. 


On the one hand …, but on the other hand …

I see what you mean, but I'm just not sure.

There could be an issue with that. 

I see where you're coming from, but I think they'll love it. 

There are lots of advantages.

Maybe, but I can also see the disadvantages.


Ana: Try and use some of these phrases the next time you discuss advantages and disadvantages in English. Bye for now!


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Hello guitardude,

Both forms are correct. You can say 'having fun helps you be creative' and also 'having fun helps you to be creative' and they mean the same thing.

All the best,


The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by German on Wed, 10/02/2021 - 01:32

I have my best ideas when I´m reading and I'm relaxing maybe drinking a coffee or a beer.

Submitted by lara05 on Wed, 27/01/2021 - 21:07

I have my best ideas when I am lying in my bed or walking in the park. It helps a lot to relax and start brainstorming. Also, when I watch some movies, I come up with ideas and I can write something.

Submitted by Sanny on Sat, 09/01/2021 - 06:09

My best ideas come when I am traveling, and I love it!
Profile picture for user Hennadii

Submitted by Hennadii on Fri, 08/01/2021 - 17:42

I like to think about what to do during long walking around my district or in the park. I like to walk alone listening to music and make decisions. I need to find some quiet place to not be disturbed while I'm thinking. Another good time for thinking is when I wash the dishes. I don't know why but I like to wash plates, cups and pans (well, pans less). I turn on my player, washing-up and thinking at the same time. Maybe the noise of the water or monotony of the washing-up helps to my brainstorming. Anyway, I obviously, can make a decision in different circumstances but I, deffinetely, preffer do it in silence ))

Submitted by fariba on Sun, 03/01/2021 - 10:30

last year when i deside i go to travel was bet decision because it was a good journey.
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Submitted by Riza on Sat, 02/01/2021 - 14:16

I usually have my best and bright ideas in the morning when I just wake up. And sometimes after a lot of thinking I might sleep on it and have a light bulb moment on the other day!

Submitted by O'Prata on Tue, 01/12/2020 - 07:39

My best ideas come when I'm walking on the street. That's why I often take a paper and a pen to write down the ideas I have in order not to forget.
Profile picture for user vsanchez75

Submitted by vsanchez75 on Wed, 28/10/2020 - 02:35

The best ideas or thoughts come to me when I am washing the dishes because I free my mind...