Agreeing and disagreeing

In this video, Emir and Paul discuss a design for a client. Listen to the language they use for agreeing and disagreeing and practise saying the useful phrases.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.


Ana: Hi! I'm Ana. Welcome to What to Say!

Do you know what to say when you agree and disagree? Listen out for useful language for agreeing and disagreeing. Then, we'll practise saying the new phrases – after this.


Paul: So?

Emir: I'm not convinced by that idea.

Paul: Why?

Emir: Well, this design is just too simple. 

Paul: It's not simple, it's minimal. Plus, it's what the client asked for.

Emir: I'm not so sure. Look … Look at these designs here. I think this is the style that the client wants.

Paul: Hmmm … I think I disagree. They said they wanted it clean and minimal.

Emir: These designs are clean and minimal. 

Paul: Look, don't get me wrong, Emir. I like them, but I don't think they fit the brief. For example, here, there's just a bit too much going on.

Emir: OK, I see what you mean, but without all the colour, it would look a bit … empty. 

Paul: True. OK, how about taking that and that away? So it still looks interesting, but less busy. 

Emir: OK … maybe you've got a point there. Actually, that has given me an idea.

Emir: So we remove the blue. I think that creates a nice balance.

Paul: Yeah, yeah. I think you're right. Changing the circles helped too. 

Emir: I agree. So we're happy with this now?

Paul: Yes, definitely. 

Emir: So it looks like we can agree!

Paul: Occasionally. 


Ana: Hello again! I'm pleased that Paul and Emir agreed with each other in the end. So, did you notice the useful phrases used for agreeing and disagreeing? Listen to me and then repeat. 


I'm not convinced by that idea.

I'm not so sure.

I think I disagree.

Don't get me wrong, but I don't think they fit. 

I see what you mean, but it looks a bit empty. 

OK, maybe you've got a point there.

I think you're right.

Yes, definitely.

I agree. 


Ana: Try and use some of these phrases the next time you agree and disagree in English. Bye for now!


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Submitted by Aung5402 on Sun, 13/12/2020 - 15:55

The last time argument was with my mom. There was a new English teacher and I was extremely uncomfortable with her teaching methods. As it was during the pandemic, I learned English with online class. However, there were many students with the background noise and I couldn't even have the conversation with the teacher. Teacher also did listen to me. It made me so furious and really pissed me off. But, my mom said that you needed to be tolerated during these time as the tutorial fees was given. So, how you guys think?

Submitted by TalhaÖzkan on Tue, 08/12/2020 - 20:26

The last time I disagree with Talha and Talat.They said We are going to studying day to day for next modül exam. OK … maybe you've got a point there, but this idea is unrealistic.

Submitted by WalaaHayek on Sun, 29/11/2020 - 14:20

Last time I disagreed with my husband, we were preparing a spaghetti meal and he wanted to put a lot of corn with it. I didn't think it fits with the spaghetti.

Submitted by Marina Hornus on Sat, 28/11/2020 - 20:56

Hello everyone, The last time that I disagree with someone was yesterday. I am part of a group of people who are working on offering help to rural workers. One person in that group had the idea to build a mobile lab in a truck. He asked me for the price of it, and I immediately tell him that it will not work because it is so expensive to move a truck with a lab and also it requires electricity for equipment to work. I tell him that it is cheaper to pick samples and analyze them in a traditional lab. He does not agree with me, but I do not care. I am sure that for analyzing samples of water it is better a traditional lab.

Submitted by Phyu Sin on Sun, 22/11/2020 - 08:03

The last time I disagree with is my partner in my job because he didn't accept my idea and he was so bossy.

Submitted by Sana Omar on Sat, 21/11/2020 - 13:42

The last time I disagreed with my coworkers on the schedule of the training programmes we prepared.
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Submitted by Aghaton on Thu, 19/11/2020 - 15:09

Hello everyone, the last time I disagreed on something was when i and my wife had different thoughts about the groceries buying budget.I had my own list in mind while she had her own, but when it came to the real budget on the list , we had to choose which item on the list had to go away., I just never agreed on the ideas of removing or trimming the number of items from my list to balance the budget, likewise, she didn't like that to happen to hers.

Submitted by Cecilio Franzoni on Sat, 14/11/2020 - 17:19

Desagreeing and agreeing its important. I learned how to desagrre in a frendly maner

Submitted by Pola on Sat, 14/11/2020 - 13:46

In the last time, I disagreed with my big brother, he was wanting make a business in tourism field but I'm not convinced by that idea, after so that the covid-19 happened and everything stopped around the world, then he lost all his money.