Organising a group project

Organising a group project

Listen to people organising a group project and answer the questions to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Cara: So for our group project, do you want to start this week?

Selim: Yeah, I want to start early so we have enough time.

Robert: Me too, but I've got a big maths project too.

Cara: How about we meet first to plan what we're going to do? Just for an hour.

Robert: Good idea, Cara.

Cara: When are you free?

Robert: I can always do mornings before 10.

Cara: Robert … Uh …

Selim: I'm sleeping before 10!

Robert: OK! OK, so when are you two free?

Cara: Wednesdays are good for me. But not very early, please!

Selim: I can't do the mornings on Wednesdays but I have 3 till 5 free.

Robert: I can do 4 o'clock, just before my maths class.

Cara: Great, 4 then. Where shall we meet?

Selim: The library?

Robert: I don't know. The library isn't a good place for a planning meeting as we can't talk in there.

Cara: How about the university café? It's near the library. We can talk in there. And eat cake.

Selim: Cake is good.

Robert: OK, so Wednesday at the café. I need to leave at ten to five to go to my maths class.

Cara: No problem. Planning will take less than an hour.

Selim: OK! See you Wednesday for cake.

Robert and Cara: See you, Selim!

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Submitted by Brenda Patrici… on Mon, 05/04/2021 - 15:43

I liked to study in my faculty's library, because we could talk, listen to music, take our laptops and do group projects.

Submitted by tvkien on Thu, 01/04/2021 - 03:48

When I was in the university, I often study with my classmate at the University's library which has a lot of books we can refer to. Besides that, sometimes we discuss a group project at home.

Submitted by SaraMessa on Mon, 29/03/2021 - 18:34

When I was to university, I always studied alone, because I was more concentrated. When we had to organise a group project, we met at library or in empty classroom.

Submitted by Veronikka on Mon, 29/03/2021 - 00:56

When I was at the university, I liked to study in the library or in some of our houses.

Submitted by MikhailZatopliaev on Wed, 24/03/2021 - 22:04

I like to study with friends at a Library. There are you can speak, you shouldn't talk very loudly only in special rooms. Unfortunately, I haven't University's cafe at my University.

Submitted by TIa vinaka on Tue, 23/03/2021 - 02:12

I like to study with friends in a cafe where is not small and crowded, eating cake and having coffee!

Submitted by azahrara on Sun, 21/03/2021 - 10:17

No, I like to study alone because I became more focused. I usually study at my room or cafe.

Submitted by Minh on Fri, 19/03/2021 - 03:03

When I was in University I really keen on studying with my friend in library. But every so often, we studied at my home where we could feel comfortable each other. Moreover, we were easily to take time and discussed and joked a number of lessons.
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Submitted by mirtha on Sun, 14/03/2021 - 04:47

When I was in the university, my friends and I look for an available classroom.

Submitted by Giuliana on Thu, 11/03/2021 - 20:23

I don't like study with my friends because i don't usually study with them , ( i don't know why), but is strange study with other people, i feel deconcentrated and idk, i don't like it. But now i'm going to university and i think i will accustom to study with other people and i would like study in a cafe or in any place without noise.