Episode 09

Episode 09

In episode 9, Robert tells Milton about a job. Do you think Milton will apply for it?

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Milton: Hi, Alfredo. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for a while – busy, busy, busy! Good busy or bad busy, I can hear you ask – well, both really. I'm still delivering the pizzas every evening, giving Portuguese lessons to Robert and looking everywhere for an acting job. I know people said it was hard to be an actor, but I didn't think it would be this hard! But I was having a drink with Robert after the lesson, as usual – we both get really tired after an hour, student and teacher! – and Robert was looking at a magazine I had …

Robert: So, this is where you look for acting jobs, is it?

Milton: Huh?

Robert: This magazine? Acting jobs?

Milton: Uh, yeah. I buy it every week. I'll buy you a drink if you find something good …

Robert: Just … give … me a minute. Ah ha! Here you are. Perfect.

Milton: What?

Robert: Game of Thrones.

Milton: Game of Thrones? What – the Game of Thrones?

Robert: Yes, the Kingdom in the North and Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons and all that. There's an advert. They want people for a new series of Game of Thrones

Milton: A new series?!

Robert: Yes, a new series. They want extras – you know, not speaking parts – soldiers and things like that. And you know – I've never said anything before, Milton, but you do know you look exactly like Jon Snow, don't you?

Milton: Jon Snow? Me?

Robert: You just need long hair and a good beard – you're his twin brother. 'Wanted: Men aged 20 to 50,' – that's you – 'in good physical condition' – that's definitely you – 'tall' – well, not so sure about that one – 'no visible tattoos' – let's have a look, turn your head. Yes, that's you.

Milton: Let me see – give it to me. 'Must be available all of September – must be prepared to move to Belfast, Northern Ireland, for at least two weeks.' Well, I could do that for two weeks – or more. And it's good money.

Robert: Can you do any of the fighting stuff? You know, with the sword – swish, swish, swish – or a knife. They'll probably like that.

Milton: Hmmm.

Robert: I think you were going to buy me a last drink – and then it's home and write the application. And who knows, Jon Snow's Brazilian twin brother will be discovered in the snow and ice … Um, mine's a pint of bitter, please. When you're ready …

Milton: So there you are. An extra on Game of Thrones. I've just sent the application. Wish me luck. Jon Snow's Brazilian brother is on his way! Mei will be impressed – I hope! Do you think they watch it in China? I wonder if she thinks I look like Jon Snow? Hang on – I can hear her outside.  

Milton: Hi, Mei.

Mei: Hi.

Milton: Do you watch Game of Thrones? In China? Jon Snow? The Mother of Dragons?

Mei: Game of Thrones? Of course. But in Chinese we call it  权力的游戏. It means 'Game of Power', I think. It's very popular.

Milton: Do you think I look like anyone? In the programme? If I had long hair and a beard.

Mei: Um, I'm not sure. Maybe, um, a soldier?

Milton: A soldier? Nobody else …?

Mei: Who then? Who do you think you look like?

Milton: No, it's OK. Robert just said I looked like somebody.

Mei: Well, I'll ask Robert if you won't tell me – next time we meet …

Milton: So that was a bit disappointing! Just a soldier. Anyway, let's see what happens with the application. I don't want to keep on delivering pizzas and giving Portuguese lessons, although I really do like Robert a lot. He's funny and interesting, but he's always asking questions – 'Why is it like this?', 'Why do you say it like that?', 'Why can't I say it like this?' And I never know the answers. I just speak Portuguese – I don't know why I say what I say. Anyway, time to go. So, still no news from Mum? I hope everything's OK with her. Let me know as soon as you hear anything. Ciao.


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Submitted by Beyond95 on Tue, 16/07/2024 - 19:45


Course, the last time I helped to my best friend to find work, I refereed her curriculum and they gave her the job.

Submitted by jmajo on Mon, 08/11/2021 - 15:00


Yes I have, several times I recommended to the human resources office's of the companies I've worked to take a look for the resumes of some of my friend's whom where looking for jobs. Also, every time I can, I start looking for new positions when some of them tell me that they're looking for a change in their career or a new job.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!

Submitted by cittàutopica on Mon, 31/05/2021 - 20:00

I've helped my nieces find work and I worked for five years in the area of career counseling.