A covering email

A covering email

Learn how to write a covering email to accompany a job application.


Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

To: recruitment@new-company.com
From: Susan Nelson
Subject: Digital Marketing Executive application


Dear Ms Jones,

I'm writing in response to your advertisement for a Digital Marketing Executive. My name is Susan Nelson and I'm a Social Media Marketing Assistant. I have had this job for the past two years and I believe I am the person you need for your new role.

The bulk of my work involves designing and implementing online marketing campaigns across a range of channels. I am very comfortable using analytics to assess campaign success and drive future initiatives. I work with a range of social media platforms and tools for digital marketing.  

I have always worked in the retail industry and am familiar with the seasonal nature of business such as yours and have the skills to push your business forward through creativity and innovation. I would very much like the opportunity to both bring my experience and enthusiasm to this role while continuing to develop professionally and personally.

Following initial research into your company I very much feel we would be a good fit for each other and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this position with you in person.  

Please find attached my CV.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Nelson


  1. Try to find out the name of the person hiring and address your cover letter to them.
  2. Start with a clear statement about who you are and the role you are applying for.
  3. Then give information about your current work (or studies if you are still a student).
  4. Mention how and why this experience is suited to the new company and role, including any transferable skills (= things you have learned that you will take with you to future jobs).
  5. End with a closing statement that suggests further contact.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


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There are a few errors in the sample text:

"advertisment" should be spelled "advertisement"
"succes" should be spelled "success"
"one is ought to know" is awkward and could be rephrased as "necessary for the job"
"diverious" should be spelled "various"
"MR Acadmia" is unclear and should be clarified or rephrased
"fucntion" should be spelled "function"
"at least" should be "also" or "in addition"
"as a mentor tutor" is awkward and could be rephrased as "as a mentor and tutor"
"accesible" should be spelled "accessible"
"hearing from you" should be "hearing from you soon" or "looking forward to hearing from you"

Submitted by Chamila Kariyawasam on Mon, 08/08/2022 - 11:33


Dear Human Resources Manager,
I am writing in response to your advertisement for a Civil Engineer published on the ABC website.
I am a qualified Civil Engineer, and my qualification has been assessed by engineers Australia. I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of engineering, specialising in Road network Planning and management in Australia and overseas. By next year, I would have been working for CBH Australia, which is the largest state government agency responsible for the state road network. I am very confident that my knowledge and experience in the field of the road sector would be a valuable asset to your organisation. I have enclosed my CV for your reference, and you can reach me at any time on my mobile or email to discuss any further queries you may have. Kind Regards, Chami

Submitted by mariab12 on Thu, 21/07/2022 - 23:41


I've been writing a bunch of cover letter the past days...
Introduce yourself and explain which position are you applying for, talk about your past experiencie and how it would be useful for their company. Be formal and fiendly. Finish with a Call to Action😊

Submitted by Islam00Sayed on Tue, 21/06/2022 - 21:28


Yeah there are many tips, which we can use to improve the structure of a Covering email
First of all, we must talk about ourselves. Which duties we can do
second of all, we can talk a little about our Experience and our enthusiasm.
3rd, we have to try hardly to convince the Hr through showing, that we read a lot about this Company and we are greatly looking forward to work there

Submitted by Abrarhussain on Wed, 05/01/2022 - 23:28


Yes I have tips for writing a good covering email. Such as being precise and to the point. Make sure the email is formal.

Submitted by Suraj paliwal on Sun, 07/11/2021 - 11:57


Yes, I have many tips to writing a good covering email.
1) Email should be polite in nature as dear not hi
2) email should contain important thing not very detail so short and concise manner.
3) Write about your experience and what you are work in current job.
4) Always write a good style to affect mind whom this email you are sending
5) Describe yourself and tell them your aim is to growth of company.

Submitted by GiulianaAndy on Sat, 10/07/2021 - 02:05

Yes, I do. Here they are some of my tips for writing a covering email: 1) Write who you are a the introduction part 2) Write the position you're applying to 3) Tell them where or how you found the opening position in that company 4) Write the title and job ID number 5) State a brief summary of qualifications or your interests in the job position 6) Discuss you qualifications and achievements which show why you are a good fit for the position. Remember you want to stand up from a hundred of other candidates who are applying for the job position too 7) Mention a few examples of quantifiable or measurable achievements in your career 8) Use compelling language and don't repeat the information in your resume 9) Try to bring your resume to life 10) Close it out by saying you're a good fit based in your qualifications 11) Remember to include a call to action 12) Ask them to give you a call and schedule an interview 13) Thank them for taking the time out to consider you for the job position

Submitted by Ehsan on Wed, 16/06/2021 - 08:06

these are formal types of email, therefore, it is better to follow its structural, writing, and spelling principles. We first introduce ourselves. Then we say the position that we want to apply, our expressions, and abilities. We express the plans that we have for it. Finally, we finish the email politely. We must make sure that our sentences are concise and useful. if it is needed, we attach files.

Submitted by paola_k on Wed, 07/04/2021 - 02:34

Haha I wrote look instead of luck.