Episode 04: A new chef

Episode 04: A new chef

No one really enjoys the food sold in Tony's Café but Carlos is here to save everyone!

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Audio script

Carlos:  Hi, Tony!  Could I have a coffee, please?

Tony:  OK ...

Carlos:  What food have you got on today?

Tony:  The usual – I’ve got some sandwiches – you can have tuna, chicken, cheese or ham. I can do some fried eggs, or an omelette. I’ve got some nice sausages, some chicken curry ...

Carlos:  Erm, that’s OK, thanks. I’ll just have the coffee.

Tony:  Fair enough. Suit yourself. 

Olivia:  Hi there, Carlos! Come and sit over here!

Carlos:  OK. Thanks!

Olivia:  You didn’t fancy anything to eat then?

Carlos:  No. I don’t want to sound rude, but ... well l... the food here isn’t very good! 

Olivia:  Go on ... It’s not bad! Just standard British food, that’s all.

Carlos: Yeah. Exactly.

Olivia:  Oh, don’t be such a snob! We eat pretty well in Britain!

Johnny:  Hi, all! Mind if I join you?

Carlos/Olivia:  Hey! Oh hi!

Carlos:  No, not at all.

Olivia:  Pull up a seat!

Johnny: What’s going on?

Olivia:  Carlos was just saying how much he hates British food.

Johnny:  Yeah. He’s got a point.

Olivia:  Oh, don’t you start as well!

Johnny:  There are some good Chinese places in Soho.

Carlos:  Yeah – there are some good restaurants in London, but they’re so expensive.

Olivia:  If you eat fresh, seasonal, local food in Britain, it’s great.

Carlos:  Maybe, yeah – but you can’t always find it.

Johnny:  Shhh! Here comes Tony now!

Tony:  Here you go, Olivia – that egg sandwich you ordered!

Olivia:  Thanks, Tony!

Tony:  No problem!

Carlos:  See what I mean?

Olivia:  OK, OK. Maybe you’ve got a point.

Johnny:  Oh no ... Here comes Tony! He must have heard you complaining about his food!

Tony:  Erm ... listen, guys ... erm ... I’m not feeling too well ... not good at all ... I think I’ll have to go home. There’s no one else in today, so I’m afraid you’ll all have to go home.

Olivia:  Oh no! I’m sorry, Tony – don’t worry.

Carlos:  No, don’t worry! I’m a trained chef!!!

Johnny:  That’s true – he is!

Carlos:  I’ll take over for you! I love cooking!

Olivia:  I guess this is your chance, Carlos!

Tony:  Er ... Are you sure?

Carlos:  Yeah, it’s no problem. I’ve worked in restaurants before – I’ll make sure the café stays open, and then you won’t lose a day’s business!

Tony:  Oh ... er ... well ... erm ... yeah ... I guess so. Yeah. I mean, thanks!

Carlos:  No problem!

Tony:  I’ll just show you where everything is, then you can get on with it!

Sarah:  Hi, all!

All:  Hi, Sarah ...

Tony:  Right then, Carlos, I’ll be off. Hope everything goes OK!

Carlos:  I’ll be fine!

Sarah:  Carlos?!

Carlos:  Hi, Sarah!

Sarah:  What are you doing there?

Carlos:  I’m the new chef in Tony’s Café!

Sarah:  Oh no!

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Submitted by dhiyaa on Thu, 21/09/2023 - 19:03


thank so much about this audio series

Submitted by vishnu_saddikuti on Wed, 10/11/2021 - 04:44


How can we infer Sarah is unhappy to see Carlos behind the counter? It sounded like she asked with excitement while listening.

Hello vishnu_saddikuti,

To me, the tone of Sarah's voice suggests she isn't happy. She also says 'Oh no!', which indicates her displeasure.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by jmajo on Fri, 01/11/2019 - 14:25

Thanks for the episode, it was really fun and useful!!