Episode 12

Episode 12

In episode 12, Milton writes to his brother as he starts his new job. Why do you think he is worried about their mother?

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Milton: Hey, Alfredo, big brother. How's it all going with you? You will never guess where I am – not in a million years. I'm in Belfast, capital city of Northern Ireland. And why is that, I can hear you ask. Well, (makes noise of a trumpet fanfare) I've got a job. The Game of Thrones people phoned me three days ago and said, 'Get over here to Belfast as fast as you can. We've got three weeks' work for you.' So here I am, in a hostel. I arrived last night.

Receptionist: Can I help you?

Milton: Um, yes. I've got a room booked here. Milton da Silva.

Receptionist: Milton da Silva – here we are. You've booked a bed, my dear. It's in a shared room. You've booked for a week, is that right?

Milton: Yes, that's right, but it will probably be longer – three weeks, I think. I'm working on Game of Thrones.

Receptionist: Oh my dear, you and everyone else in the hostel – everyone in Belfast probably. The whole city is full of men with beards and women with long hair.

Milton: And in my room? Am I sharing a room with a lot of men with beards?

Receptionist: Oh yes. There are six of you. You'll enjoy the craic.

Milton: The craic?

Receptionist: The conversation, the chat, the fun. It's an Irish word.

Milton: Oh, OK. Yes, I'm sure I will. Thank you.

Receptionist: Here's your key. Room 6, first on the left up the stairs.


Michael: Hello.

Milton: Hello.

Michael: I'm Michael.

Milton: I'm Milton.

Michael: Milton. Like the poet? Good name.

Milton: Not really. It's quite common in Brazil.

Michael: You Brazilian then?

Milton: Yep. And you?

Michael: English – Manchester.

Milton: So, United or City?

Michael: United. Red Devils. You a fan of English football then?

Milton: Oh yes. I'm Brazilian – football's in our blood. It's the home of Pelé, don't forget – the best player ever in the world.

Michael: The best player? Ever? What about the Belfast Boy himself, George Best? Man U's best player ever. Also known as The Fifth Beatle. Best player in the world, I'd say. Heard of him?

Milton: Of course I've heard of him. He was a legend. Even Pelé said he was the greatest footballer in the world, so I'll believe him.

Michael: I think you and me'll get on fine, Mr Milton. You here for the 'Thrones'?

Milton: Yes, that's right, for the series. I'm an extra. Can't you tell by the beard? (Michael laughs)

Milton: What's it like? Working on it? I start tomorrow, I think. Well, I have to go and speak to them anyway.

Michael: It isn't easy – long days, hours sitting while they cover you in make-up, hours sitting around waiting. But the pay's OK. And of course, it's a cool way to spend the time.

Milton: Is it OK here? In the hostel, I mean? Are the other people OK?

Michael: It's fine. They're fine. Most people are actors, so they can be a bit, you know ... 'loud', but there's never any trouble. You chose a good place. I've been in three, and this one's the best. It's not far from the studio. You can walk there – useful when you have to start work at two in the morning.

Milton: Two o'clock in the morning!

Michael: Yep. It takes a long time to get all that make-up on – scars and bad teeth and all the rest. Right. I need a sleep, I've had a long day. So go for a walk or sit down and read a book or something.

Milton: So I went for a walk around Belfast and had something to eat. I got back at about ten o'clock – not late – and there were five people sleeping – and snoring very loudly – in the room. So I'm sitting in the lounge downstairs writing this, then off to bed and off to Titanic Studios tomorrow. That's true. Did you know the Titanic – the ship – was built in Belfast? There's a museum here about it. Just before I go, what's going on with Mum? I had a weird email from her yesterday. She never writes emails. She said she had to have a few days in hospital for some 'routine tests' but 'it's nothing to worry about.' I haven't answered yet. Do you know what's going on? When someone says 'don't worry', I start to worry. So let me know – and wish me luck for tomorrow. Night night.


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Submitted by jmajo on Tue, 16/11/2021 - 12:31


No, I never had to travel for work in my actual job, but I would like to if I ever have a chance to do it. I use to travel a lot when I worked with my father in the countryside, we use to work in agricultural services and we visited lots of different locations on our country, I never traveled outside my country for work though.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!

Submitted by Leila77 on Sat, 24/07/2021 - 11:03

Unfortunately, I have never had to travel for work.

Submitted by cittàutopica on Tue, 08/06/2021 - 11:50

I have had to travel for work very often, both in Italy, especially in Rome, and in Europe.