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Oussama, a Syrian man living in Turkey, talks about how important education and English are for his life and future.

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Oussama: Hi, I am Oussama Almasalmeh. I am 26 years old. I am Syrian from Daraa city.

Due to the problems with the war, I had to give up my education and come to here to Turkey with my family. I am in the first year at Karabük University and am electric and electronic engineering student. The English courses founded by HOPES, it means a lot for me to improve my English language and maybe in the future we can found a better job for us, especially these days.

We are here to complete our education. We have a goal and our goal is building our country again.

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Submitted by Miguelitorico1996 on Thu, 17/02/2022 - 20:52


I totally agree with Oussama because if you want better job opportunities you need to get a degree in a profession and speaking a second language (in this case English) is something that improves your CV.

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Submitted by OlaIELTS on Thu, 14/05/2020 - 22:50

Yes. I agrees. Education is important to me and my family in the sense that its helps with improvement, creating jobs opportunities and able to contribute to society as well as nation at large.

Submitted by NadezhdaGhuliyan on Fri, 19/10/2018 - 10:22

I would like to ask about the last question in the task. Oussama's goal is to complete his education in the video it is true that he wants to complete his education but in answer it show correct is false. Thank you

Hello NadezhdaGhuliyan,

Yes, you are right! I'm sorry for the confusion. I have just fixed the answer so that it is True in the exercise.

Thank you very much for taking the time to tell us about this error.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by StD on Tue, 21/08/2018 - 10:46

I agree with Oussama but I didn't undrestand how he will continue his studies in electronics in Turkey.
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Submitted by Dee on Fri, 03/08/2018 - 11:51

What is the true meaning of education? I think learning knowledge,skills, values,beliefs and habits. I hope Oussama will do one day because he is very confident.
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Submitted by H.H. on Sun, 15/07/2018 - 18:43

I totally agree, we have not to stop learning whatever the reasons. To be educated and updated leads to be qualified employee, respectable and happy individual.

Submitted by JK. Wu on Sun, 08/04/2018 - 09:00

Hope he achieves his goal soon and makes his dream come true.

Submitted by Oum on Thu, 15/03/2018 - 09:49

yes i agree with oussama, because i think that we can never get a well built country if the citizens are not educated