How to chop an onion

Learning how to chop an onion is really, really useful. You'll probably chop hundreds, if not thousands, of onions in your life. So, learn how to do it really well with this video.  

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.



Food busker: Hi guys! I’m going to show you how to finely dice an onion. Top the onion. Then slice the onion in half. Place it down. Don’t put your knife down like this, put it in at the side and using this finger as a guide to place the knife in each time. Make sure that the hand is like this. That way you won’t chop off your fingers because the knife runs off the finger. The heel holds the whole onion together. You’re not cutting all the whole way through, slice all the way round. Score it through. Holding the whole onion together using your finger as a guide, start slicing through. When you get to the end push the onion away, drop it down. So that you can get these last bits of onion here. And discard the stalk or use it in stocks. So that’s how to finely dice an onion. If you want any more tips then click on the link.

© Jamie Oliver

Task 1

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Do you like cooking? Do you think that learning how to cook is a useful skill?
Yes I like to cook. I enjoy watching culinary videos and always want to recreate the dishes following the steps used in those videos. And yes I think cooking is a useful skill everybody should have regardless of gender because not only does it help someone to save money, it is a life saving skill.

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Cooking is not my favorite hobby but when you want to live alone, I mean when you leave your parents' house it is essential to learn how to cook so that you can save money instead of buying lunch out.