Missing a class

Missing a class

Listen to a student explain why she can't come to class to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Student: Excuse me, Ms Henderson?

Teacher: Yes, Diana. How can I help you?

Student: I'm sorry, but I can't come to class next Wednesday. I have a doctor's appointment.

Teacher: OK. Thanks for letting me know.

Student: Is there anything to do at home?

Teacher: Let me just check my notebook. OK, first of all … you need to read chapters 17, 19 and 20 in the book. There are also some articles and a video to watch – those are online. I'll post the links online in the usual place.

Student: Chapters 17 to 20.

Teacher: Yes, except chapter 18. Chapters 17, 19 and 20.

Student: Ah, OK. Um ... is there a deadline?

Teacher: Yes, this Friday. But there's something else. I was going to give you all a practice test.

Student: A practice test?

Teacher: Yes, to help people prepare for the mid-term exam.

Student: Ah. All right.

Teacher: Don't worry, I can send you the practice test by email on Wednesday. Can you send it to me before Friday?

Student: Sure, no problem.

Teacher: And don't forget to bring a certificate from the doctor to the office.

Student: Thanks, Ms Henderson! I'll do that.

Teacher: You're welcome, Diana. Take care.

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Submitted by student_w on Sun, 22/01/2023 - 18:10


Yes, I do. In general, I have many homework, especially in October and March. Inevitably, when school starts after summer holiday or after Christmas holiday, teachers after one month assign us several assignments so that we can train you on the subjects taught at the school recently. In addition, they are necessary to prepare us for our exams at the end of the semester.

Submitted by Eman Samir on Sat, 19/11/2022 - 11:25


Do you have a lot of homework? What kind of homework do you like?
I have finished school since a long time but when I was at, I liked algebra, chemistry, and English homework.

Submitted by Nandar Su Hlaing on Mon, 29/08/2022 - 10:16


No, I don't have to do any homework. I don't like to do homework but when the teacher gave me homework, I did it well.

Submitted by Moses Habarugira on Sun, 01/05/2022 - 22:16


What's mid-term exam?
Or what's the meaning mid-term ?

Hi Moses Habarugira,

A mid-term exam is an exam that students have to do in the middle of the course, instead of at the end. Some university courses, for example, have mid-term exams.

I hope that helps!


The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by nadyanightingale on Fri, 08/04/2022 - 19:36


Practice tests are very useful especially when they are for a mid-term exam. Sometimes there are some homework assignments that should be done on time, deadlines are usual at the end of the months.

Submitted by Ehsan on Tue, 22/03/2022 - 06:19


I'm not a student and don't have teacher. but I study in some fields like English language, crypto currencies and etc. using books, E-books, sites and etc. I try to solve the tasks that are presented in them.

Submitted by jmajo on Fri, 11/03/2022 - 15:37


Well, although I'm not a regular student anymore I remember I used to like to do those kind of homework where I need to go to a library and research for information to get the answers, nowadays It's so much easier because most of the books or documents are online on the internet, so I suppose It's no necessary to go to a library as often as it was.

Thanks for the episode!
Great site!

Submitted by ANOUAR on Thu, 02/12/2021 - 09:53


I don't like Homeworks because I like to have a problem and solve it in my own without enforcing me to do so !