An email giving holiday advice

An email giving holiday advice

Learn how to write an email to give holiday advice.

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Reading text

From: Janet Hill
To: Sunny Chen
Subject: Hi!

Hi Sunny!

How are you?

We're finally coming to Singapore so I wanted to ask your advice on what we should do while we're there. What shouldn't we miss? We'll have our two kids aged 6 and 8 with us so ideally we want to do things we can enjoy as a family.

We've already got a hotel booked in Marina Bay and we arrive on 12 May for a week.

I hope you're around so we can meet up!

See you soon,


From: Sunny Chen
To: Janet Hill
Subject: Re: Hi!

Hi Janet!

Lovely to hear from you and how exciting that you're coming!

You've picked a great area to stay in as it's right next to a must-see attraction, Gardens by the Bay. They light them up at night and the kids will love it. Another place to take the little ones is the zoo, and the Night Safari is really worth doing. The animals are much more active at night than during the day, so it's pretty special.

As for food, there's quite a variety here. I'd recommend trying laksa and kaya toast – they're both really typical Singaporean foods. You can also eat well and cheaply at street markets. You should definitely check them out.

Can't wait to see you all!


P.S. My number here is +65 1234 1234.


  1. Start informal emails with Hi + name instead of Dear + name.
  2. An informal email can be like a conversation, so you can start with How are you?
  3. If you're replying, you can start with Lovely to hear from you.
  4. Use these phrases to make recommendations:
    ... is worth doing / seeing / going to.
    ... is a must-see (attraction).
    I'd recommend ...
    You can ...
    You should ...
  5. Say why you recommend those things.
  6. You can add something at the end using P.S.

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Submitted by farhadwahaj on Wed, 07/09/2022 - 06:58


Hi Guys,
Great to hear that you are coming to XY with your new bride.
I should recommend you to stay in the honeymoon hotel near the mountains, the area has nice weather in the summer, and the night is more romantic because of the live music.
as you like cable cars there is a must-see and attractive one over there, and you can try it.
as for the food, there is a wonderful restaurant and their food is worth eating.
P.S Let me know if you need anything from my side.

Submitted by ivanricardo07 on Thu, 18/08/2022 - 01:43


I´ve been living in Cartagena for 32 years. I´d recommend tourists go to the old town and do a walking tour. The San Felipe Castle is a must-see attraction, but non least funny that touring all of the city while you´re partying, taking the party bus tour around the city is worth doing. Another thing that´s worth seeing is the delightful beaches on Baru´s Island.
They should try the local typical food, especially a meal called "Posta Cartagenera" as well as Frie Fish with Coconut rice accompanied with Patacón and Avocado salad.

Submitted by Fzt_abidin on Sun, 26/06/2022 - 12:10


I have been living in İstanbul for six years. I visited many parts of İstanbul. İstanbul is divided into two parts as one side is Anatolian the other side is the European side. I live on the Anatolian side. Tourists who visited this side can see places like; Kadıköy, Cadde bostan, and Beykoz. I'd recommend staying in the Kadıköy because the transportation is fairly developed and tourists can visit every location easily. Kadıköy has beautiful cafes and pubs. You should see Thales. Thales is a pub which is located in Moda. Although the European side has a lot of historical places if ı have to say one side ı have chosen the Anatolian side. Anatolian side is very quiet and peaceful. You can unwind at the Moda beach.

Submitted by Van wong on Sat, 28/05/2022 - 14:14


I would recommend visiting Yuen Long Park, there are various facilities. It's also suitable for a family to play. Aviary Pagoda is a must-see attraction, which has many kinds of varieties of birds. I recommend you to visit.

Submitted by sempresere on Wed, 30/03/2022 - 11:48


Hi everyone!
I’m Serena and I live in Italy.
Italy is a beautiful country, here you have mountains, sea, sun and special food!
If you are planning to come to Italy, I have some recommendations for you.
First of all, if you come to Italy you can’t be on a diet. Food is part of our culture and if you want to know Italy you have to try our food. On the top of the list there is obviously pizza, but a special food that I love and that you have to try is “gelato”, ice cream! I really love ice cream.
Talking about places to visit, I really recommend you to visit Venice. Venice is a really gorgeous city in Veneto. The most typical thing of Venice is that in this city you wouldn’t find cars, but only boat, because Venice is an island and the road of this city are made by water instead of asphalt.
In Venice there are so many places that are worth seeing, but if you really want to know the city I recommend you to walk in the street, in particular those that are far from the most touristic zone, like San Marco Square or Rialto Bridge. Venice is divided in six district, the one that I love the most is Castello, because here you can see the real Venice, not the touristic one. In Castello the air smells of water and the streets aren’t always full of people like in the touristic zones. In the streets of Castello you can hear Venetian people talk, with their special and adorable accent.
Finally, a thing that I love about this district of Castello is that the Venetian people hung the laundry outside the window, on pulleys.
I really hope that you come to visit Italy and Venice, and that you’ll try gelato of course!
Have a great journey

Submitted by hanhvo on Wed, 23/03/2022 - 14:03


Dear everyone,
I'd like to introduce all of you about my beautiful Viet Nam country. Viet Nam is on a tropical climate. So that means the climate here is hotter than cold but you mustn't worry about that because you will have amazing experiences under weather here. In addition, tropical fruits have known-well about variety and abundance. I bet you will feel pleased to visit some of local fruit gardens and try tropical fruits. Besides, Vietnam is ideal destination for travellers if you want to explore new lands in Asia. Under tropical climate, almost regions aren't snowy. The only one is snowy in the highest region in the north. There is Sapa where is wonderful with step rice fields. Amazing when you stand on the highest place and overlook step rice fields in green, it's cool feeling as you let the gentle breeze cool your face. Sapa is not only wonderful place. We have many beautiful places where are waiting you to discover. Hope my sharing help you to know more about Viet Nam. Thanks for reading.

Morocco, the country of beauty. Everything here is just amazing; mountains, sun, sea, desert ... . I can't talk about Morocco without talking about Moroccan traditional food such as "couscous", "Tajine", "Bastila", ... they are very tasty and unforgettable dishes that you should try if you come to Morocco. Other things that are worth doing are ridding camels in the desert, surfing, air balloon rides and much more come and discover all this beauty.

Submitted by Fernanda1505_1505 on Sun, 13/02/2022 - 04:56


Hi everyone!
I live in Peru, Lima here are a lot of places to visit and know so I would like to recommend to you some of my favorite places. If you come you will have to go to the Museum "Lugar de la Memoria", It is a space for an educational and cultural commemoration that houses the history of violence that occurred in Peru so many years ago. But if you come to Peru and you want to know a place outside of Lima you have to visit Machu Picchu, it´s a lovely place and you will like it if you like hiking. Also here the food is incredible so I recommend you to try "Ceviche", "Aji de Gallina" and "Lomo Saltado", these are my favorites you will love it.

I hope you like it

Submitted by Vendicel on Fri, 03/12/2021 - 08:36


Hi, dear Mot

Submitted by Suraj paliwal on Thu, 04/11/2021 - 20:08


Hi everyone
I live in north India with lots of tourists destination and many places worth seeing it. Here live really nice people. Here are so nice that tourists pay deliberately what they think should to pay.
Many national parks here you must enjoy it to see him. When you came to north India you will feel nature.