Episode 05: Environmental issues

Episode 05: Environmental issues

There is a heated discussion on environmental issues. How green are the gang?

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Audio script

Harry:  Hey there!

Olivia:  Hi, Harry, come and have a seat!

Harry:  OK – I’ll just get a coffee. Hang on ... Where’s Tony?

Magda:  He’s off sick.

Olivia:  And you’ll notice that there’s a new chef in here!

Harry:  Carlos! What’s he doing working here?

Magda:  He’s taken over while Tony’s away.

Harry:  Well, good on him – he’s always wanted his own restaurant! I guess this café will have to do for now.

Olivia:  Yeah. It’s good experience for him!

Harry:  Carlos! Hey, Carlos! Could I have a coffee, mate?

Harry: Carlos?  Hello!? ... Well, I hope he’s a good chef, because he’s a terrible waiter!

Olivia:  Oh, go on. Give him a break!

Magda:  Yeah – it’s really busy in here right now. Be patient!

Harry:  Busy? Yeah – tell me about it! Everywhere is today – I couldn’t find anywhere to park my car. I had to leave it miles away.

Olivia:  Park your car? I thought you took your bike everywhere!

Harry:  Well, I used to, but sometimes it’s just easier to drive, isn’t it?

Magda:  Lazy!

Harry:  I’m not lazy! I do lots of sport – play football every week.

Olivia:  Do you drive to the football pitch?

Harry:  Erm, yeah ... Usually ...

Olivia:  You should use your bike more often. It’s better for you, and for the environment!

Johnny:  Hello, all! Hey, is that Carlos behind the counter?

All:  Yes, it is.

Johnny:  What’s he doing there?

Olivia:  Long story!

Johnny:  Blimey ... Have you seen the traffic out there?

Olivia:  Not you as well?!

Johnny:  Me what?

Olivia:  Driving!

Johnny:  Of course I drive. How else would I get around?

Magda:  I always use public transport. It’s very good here in London, even if it’s quite expensive.

Olivia:  Not as expensive as a car.

Harry:  That’s true.

Olivia:  You should all cycle more!

Johnny:  I’m not cycling. It’s tiring, and dangerous!

Harry:  And the weather here is terrible – cycling in the rain isn’t any fun!

Magda:  That’s true. That’s why I get the tube or the bus.

Olivia:  Well, I think you should all think about your health and the future of the planet!

Harry:  Yeah, yeah, yeah ... whatever ...

Olivia:  It’s important! Cars make so much pollution!

Magda:  Yeah – Olivia’s right!

Johnny:  Scientists are finding ways to stop pollution – that’s their job.

Olivia:  Maybe, but we should all help to help the planet!

Harry:  I don’t know about the planet. I just think right now we should try to help Carlos!

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Submitted by nikoslado on Mon, 08/08/2022 - 16:56


Dear Team,
what does Harry mean by replying to Olivia like this?
''I guess this café will have to do for now.'',
I can't imagine ''the cafe'' as the subject of ''will have...''. or am I missing something with a different meaning or syntax here?

...following below, in the end, Olivia says ''we should all help to help the planet''
I'd expect something like ''...to save the planet'', but this like ''I help to help someone or something '' confuses me a lot.
How could you help me?
Many thanks again for your kindness,

Hello again Nikos,

It's a slightly clumsy construction, I think, but grammatically correct:

I help Sue. Then Bob comes along to join me. Now Bob is helping me to help Sue.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Nikos,

'...will have to do' means '...will have to be acceptable'. It's a fairly informal phrase that we use when something is not ideal but there is no better alternative.

Grammatically, 'this cafe' is the subject, as can be seen if a different verb form is used:

the cafe has to do for now

these chairs have to do for now


Common alternatives to 'for now' are 'for the time being' and 'for the moment'.



The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Peter,
my deepest thanks for your explanations.
It's incredible, but studying them, I was surprised to find that both of the two previous English informal expressions you've explained to me have corresponding uses in Greek, with almost the same verbs, but how would I have imagined that and in which dictionary would I find it!
After all, language is an incredible journey.
Ever thanκful,

Submitted by User_User on Tue, 01/09/2020 - 20:57

Hello In Task 3: 4. A large passenger vehicle with many seats which travels in the city: a I've written 'tram' instead of 'bus'. Bye

Submitted by jmajo on Fri, 15/11/2019 - 13:11

Thanks for the episode, ti was really fun.

Submitted by Hung on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 04:08

Hi, can you help me with this? Everywhere is today – I couldn’t find anywhere to park my car. What does "Everywhere is today" mean? Thank you.

Hello Hung

When Harry says this, he is responding to Magda, who says 'It's really busy in here now'. What Harry means is 'Everywhere is [busy] today'.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team