Do you know what a 'cheque' is? Find out and learn other words to talk about money by doing these vocabulary exercises.


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Submitted by Safe_Mode on Thu, 24/08/2023 - 19:19


I spend most of my money for motorcycle parts and equipment and photographs equipment and accessories

Submitted by Aider on Fri, 18/08/2023 - 11:23


I like to buy necklace, bracelet, accessories for me and my elder sister. I also like to buy teddy bears and Barbie dolls

Submitted by Ro Htan on Mon, 17/07/2023 - 17:19


I spend most of my money on school fees and accommodations. I always try to save money on my things.

Submitted by hongthequang on Mon, 17/07/2023 - 12:35


I spend most of money on my son's education fee. He is five year olds this year. I hope he will be a good citizen in the future. I also spend money on things that I like to do.

Submitted by AlexandraMT on Sat, 17/06/2023 - 15:59


I spend my money on books, clothes and food.

Submitted by ptngiau on Thu, 25/08/2022 - 12:31


I spend most of my money on food and learning books.

Submitted by yoon 2_tae. on Sun, 26/06/2022 - 01:47


I spend most of my money on food and clothes and my country still doesn't get by credit card so we use the note all the time.

Submitted by nadyanightingale on Sun, 20/03/2022 - 09:21


I do spend most of my money on flat and food. I also spend a lot of money for my insurance. The amount is automatically withdrawn from my salary every month. I like spending money on thing that make me happy.

Submitted by Ray Tam on Thu, 11/11/2021 - 23:22


I would like to spend most of money on my daughter’s education fee, because she have to get ready to live in a competitive society.