Episode 02 - Tom's party

Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party. What does he get from her?


Tom: Hi, Julia.
Julia: Hi, Tom. Happy birthday!
Tom: Thank you. Julia, this is Sammy, a friend from university.
Julia: Hello, Sammy.
Tom: Sammy, Julia is my aerobics instructor ... and friend.
Sammy: Hi, Julia.
Partygoer: Tom! Tom, come here!
Tom: Oh, if you'll excuse me for one moment ...
Julia: So where are you from, Sammy?
Sammy: I'm from Manchester. And you? Where are you from?
Julia: I'm from Devon. ... What's your job?
Sammy: I'm a vet.
Julia: A vet?
Sammy: Yeah.
Julia: OK, it's your turn to ask a question.
Sammy: OK, erm ... Are you married?
Julia: No, I'm not. Are you?
Sammy: No! Erm ... boyfriend?
Julia: No, not at the moment.
Sammy: What's your mobile number?
Julia: My mobile number?
Sammy: Yeah.
Julia: It's 6-3-6-2-4-1-7-5-2.
Sammy: 6-3-6-2-4-1-7-9-2.
Julia: No, it's 7-5-2.
Julia: Julia P? But my surname is Brown. What's the 'P' for?
Sammy: 'P' for ... 'party'. 'P' for 'party'.
Julia: Great!
Sammy: Great!

Task 1: Check your understanding 1


Task 2: Check your understanding 2


Task 3: Questions with am, is, are 1


Task 4: Questions with am, is, are 2


Task 5: Questions with am, is, are 3


Task 6: Forming questions



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