A personal profile

A personal profile

Learn how to write a personal profile for a social app or website.

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About me

By day I'm a regular guy and by night a superhero … How tiring is that?!

Just joking! I'm a regular guy all the time, good job, close to my family, just bought my own flat with a cat. Actually, my cat thinks I'm a hero because I saved her from the street. I'm a talkative person and I believe communication is the most important thing in a relationship.

Likes and dislikes

I love pizza if it's Italian, wine if it's white, and football if it's the World Cup. I read a lot, especially true life stories, but most of my books live on my phone.


I love to travel and I'm always planning my next trip. I prefer an active holiday like hiking, skiing or watersports and I get bored lying on the beach. I post lots of photos on Instagram as I'm a good photographer but I'd really love to share the holiday with someone. Maybe you'll take the photos on the next trip. wink


1. Write about your good points, not your bad points.

2. Don’t include every single thing. Choose a few points and focus on them.

3. Don’t add your contact details (e.g. address, phone number). You could get unwanted messages.

4. Check your spelling and punctuation before you post.

5. You can use punctuation and emojis when you’re joking, e.g. ?! and wink.

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Submitted by mariam998 on Mon, 27/02/2023 - 13:01


I'm Fatima you probably heard my name before, it's a common name between Arabic and Muslim communities, anyway I am an Arabic language teacher since 2019 I like my job even if it's the hardest job in the world, especially teaching kids. At the same time, I like to develop myself in the education field, I got my master's degree last month in curriculum, instruction, and assessments that are really helped me to become a good teacher, and that was one of my dreams, and still have many dreams to achieve, one of them is to be fluent in the English language, but I really face a lot of difficulties especially when I have to teach the Arabic language in the morning and be English language student at noon.
well I feel I am talked a lot about my career so let me tell you about some of my hobbies, I like to cook, I used to cook for my family a long time ago, and my siblings always ask me for new recipes, actually it gives me a chance to experience and explore new tastes. Therefore, I always watch cooking programs on Netflix. Also, I love to watch movies, especially those with a true story my favorite movie is (me before you) I think I have watched it seven or eight times maybe more.

Submitted by monlamon on Mon, 20/02/2023 - 20:57


Hello, I'm Monika, from Poland. I am a positive person who likes laughing and talking about interesting things. I read a lot of books and of course I wonder about my own book. I think that I am good listener, because I am really interested in people's stories. Apart from that I like learning new things and I spend a lot of time on it.

Submitted by Rahafkhrais on Sat, 04/02/2023 - 16:06


Hi my name is Rahaf I'm 21 years old , I’m fourth year pharmacy student and I live in Amman Jordan I haven't traveled yet but I will travel to us in a summer with scholarship because of that l trying to improve my English.
I playing skate because It’s very fun and make me feel in freedom , l like to post photos on Instagram of any special memory , I want to try other outdoor activities but my time is so narrow because of my study .
Please If you have any notes on my English tell me it’s will help me to improve it.

Hi my name is Anam I'm 23 years old, I'm graduated in computer science and I live in Pakistan, yeah I have used an app but that was very bad experience I have provided all the guanin information, I want to connect people internationally but the people was not serious over there.

Submitted by Zizika on Thu, 19/01/2023 - 20:36


Hello, my name is Zineb from Morocco,
Iam positive girl i try always to share the good vibes with my collegues and my friends... , i like organisation, i live with my small familly , i love cooking the new food, my favorite international food is pizza, i like sport because is the moste importante activity to give me the positive energy, my dream is to do a turn of world with my future husban, and the last point i like to watch movies.
Thank you for your time to read my comment

Submitted by Gunveen Kour on Sat, 07/01/2023 - 07:01


It depends on users. It may be beneficial for someone to find someone new and compatible. But not everyone finds love on dating apps.

Submitted by Dayanna Bravo on Wed, 04/01/2023 - 01:34


By day I'm an average university applicant but after a night of series and movies I turn into a raccoon! And what a complicated thing it is to get rid of the costume.

I really like to play with my pet and draw at night even if I don't see anything. My mom says that one day I will go blind. I also read a lot, but I don't have money for physical books and I have to download them on my cell phone, it causes me a big headache.

I would love to travel around the world and take lots of pictures, although I'm not good at it. But I would still like to travel with someone and get to know.

Submitted by kellyblacio on Wed, 04/01/2023 - 01:25


Hi. I am Kelly and I like this website! Thank you for sharing this information with us.

Submitted by Adriana Marentes on Tue, 03/01/2023 - 23:27


Hi everyone!
I am Adriana from Colombia, I am an intelligent and active person, I'm always thinking about doing new things.

I love to run, also to travel and my favorite plan is to know new cultures. Some people think I'm very serious but in reality I have a good sense of humor. I like to eat pizza. I like listen rock and vallenato music with a beers and good friends.
I don't like cubes, the yuca, and I hate fiction movies

Submitted by amirhansari on Tue, 27/12/2022 - 14:42


Hello everyone
I'm Amirhossein from Iraq, I'm 30 years old
I work as a nurse for a private hospital. I am a kind, social and easy person to live with.
I love sports and I go to the gym daily. Most of the time, I have healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I'm never a smoker, and I rarely drink alcohol.
I love traveling around the world and having fun there. I like pop music.
I like Italian pizza and Berger too.
My hobbies include walking, jogging and swimming. Going out with my friends and drinking coffee with them.
I also enjoy reading books and watching drama/comedies.
Right now I'm learning English. My objectives are to earn an ILTS degree and educate in another country. I wish I could reach them.