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So I'm going to tell you about a dramatic weather experience that I had on holiday in Nîmes, in France. Well, I wasn't actually staying in Nîmes, but this happened in Nîmes, and I'll show you the photo. So, here you go, here's the photo. You can actually see me there in my twenties, looking at the flooding. I'd got out of the car to have a look, actually, at what was happening in the streets. So, this day, it was the last day of our holiday. Actually, the plan was to go for dinner to celebrate my birthday. But, unfortunately, as we travelled back from our day trip, we passed through Nîmes and ran into trouble because ... I don't know if you know Nîmes, but it's an ancient Roman city, or there's Roman remains there. And it has these walls around the city. So I don't know what happened particularly that afternoon, but after all the rain that we'd had in the previous two weeks, it just started filling up. It was like a giant bathtub. So driving through in the car, we suddenly realised that wherever we turned we just kind of had, like, water coming towards us. And we started to get really worried because it wasn't our car. It was a hire car. And sometimes when you hire a car, the insurance doesn't cover you for things like natural disasters. So we really didn't want the water to get in the engine and then have to pay for the damage. That was the big worry. So what we ended up doing – because more and more water was coming our way, it was impossible to find a route out of the city – we ended up parking in the middle of a roundabout. So it was just a small roundabout in the city, but you know how sometimes on a roundabout you get flowers on a flowerbed, and it's kind of a little hill. So we just kind of vroomed on top of there. And we were like, OK, here we're high and dry and safe and we can just wait for the water level to go down again. So I got out of the car, had a look around, as you can see in the photo. Unfortunately, we never made it back to the restaurant to celebrate my birthday that evening. I spent my birthday in a car on top of a flowerbed on top of a roundabout. But it was a memorable experience, so there you go.


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Profile picture for user fede0108

Submitted by fede0108 on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 23:56


Once, I had to cancel my plans because of a flood in my neighbourhood. When I was a kid, I was planning a Halloween party for my classmates. But the river had been raising until it finally reached my home and I had to move to a relative's place and we couldn't celebrate Halloween that year. Luckily, my home hasn't suffered any more floods in the last few years!

Hi, I've never had a very extreme weather experience because here in Latvia the weather usually is calm. About 5 years ago we had flood in August after heavy rain. It isn't typically in our region. When I had to go to work my feet was wet and umbrella didn't help at all to keep me dry.

Submitted by Aslas on Sun, 09/04/2023 - 11:11


Some years ago I was in my holiday trip in the lavender zone in south of France. I was near the Senaque abbey. the goal was to do some photo from lavender fields with the abbey in the background but the weather had different plan for us. Suddenly haevy grey clouds covered the sky and strong wind began to blow. It started to rain and hail, it was like the sky wanted to fall on us. Luckily we found shelter in our car but we were unable to reach the abbey that day.

Submitted by deen on Sat, 08/04/2023 - 08:15


i have experienced to cancel my plan because of the bad weather. but as it not a big problem for me, so i forgot it :(

Submitted by Halyna Slyvchenko on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 12:03


In the summer of 2021, I and my friend decided to climb up the highest mountain in Ukraine - Hoverla, which is part of the Carpathian mountains.
Before we got on the train to the nearest village at the foothills of Hoverla, we had carefully thought about the necessary things that we would need in the mountains. Because it was summer, we did not take many warm clothes.
So, we came to the foot of Hoverla and started our hike. The ascent to the mountain was challenging in places, we had to rest often. But all the difficulties of the ascent were compensated by the spectacular scenery of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Somewhere in the middle of the climb, the weather suddenly deteriorated: a strong wind arose, the sky was suddenly covered with black clouds, and a light rain began, which turned into a downpour in half an hour. We were barely able to complete our journey. At the summit we were delighted with our achievement, there was no rain, but unfortunately, there was a heavy fog and we did not see the gorgeous landscape that we had hoped to see. But the worst happened during the descent from the mountain. The weather was merciless to us, we slipped down the hill, fell several times, and tore our pants and sneakers. Moreover, we were very cold, because the temperature in the mountains was about 15 degrees lower.
Despite all the problems mentioned, we had no other choice but to continue descending. Eventually, we finished. We were exhausted, but very proud of ourselves.

Hello Halyna,

This reminded me of a mountain in the Pyrenees called the Puig Carlit. Several years ago, I climbed it with my family and a friend of ours. It was a long, difficult hike and despite the fact that it was the hottest part of the summer, there was still snow near the top. We didn't get cold that day, but if the weather had turned -- which was something very easy to imagine while up there, as it was quite cold -- it would have been very bad.

Just last weekend I heard that two experienced hikers died up there after being surprised by a snow storm. Poor people! I imagine visibility was near zero and so they couldn't find their way to shelter.

Glad you made it down safely and that it was a good experience!

All the best,
LearnEnglish team

Profile picture for user Ady Khan

Submitted by Ady Khan on Tue, 04/04/2023 - 12:45


Once I went to the northern part of the country (Pakistan). wow, it was amazing, I am unable to forget that because small pieces of white flakes were falling down from the sky. It was snowing. The weather was chilly and windy. There was a white cover of snow everywhere because it had been snowed for almost 2 days. I am from the northwest side of Pakistan where the weather is warm in fact hotter than in other parts of the country. So, that was a memorable day of my life when I saw snow falling down for the first time. It was a really memorable and exhilarating experience.

Submitted by Awa9102000 on Tue, 04/04/2023 - 05:58


I haven't really experienced those kind of things. Actually, of course, we all have, some day, put off or cancel a program because of bad weather but it's never been such a big deal for me . For instance, yesterday when I was going back from work, it was raining a lot. I was with my coworker and friend. We waited, at the bus stop, after we get down for more than two hours, for the rain to stop. There was too much water streaming along the streets. Even after the rain stopped, we could not walk home. I ended up picked up home by my father and my friend grabbed a taxi.

Profile picture for user Andres Felipe Murillo Ayala

Submitted by Andres Felipe … on Tue, 04/04/2023 - 02:24


I remember one day, my flight to the city was canceled due to a bad raining in my department, I was a little bit sad at the beginning because I thought I needed to buy another ticket to fly, but the flight attendant said that I could fly with my same ticket. The other day I flew to my destination. I was so lucky to travel!

Submitted by Olesya M on Mon, 03/04/2023 - 15:25


I would like to travel a lot, and probably I could tell you about memorable weather, but you could think my life is boring, because I have no any experience of strange weather. I live in beautiful country with mild climate. And of course, I like southern Europe with spectacular seashore, tender sea and rocky mountains.

Hi marcelobj,

Three flights cancelled ... that's pretty bad luck! I think anybody would find that hard to deal with. I hope that it has not put you off travelling in Europe.

I don't think your speaking is bad ... :D


LearnEnglish team

Hi Iyanag77,

I don't have kids but I can imagine that it was a very difficult situation to handle! Did you manage to ski in the end?


LearnEnglish team

Hi Olegas_1234,

That is one of my nightmares, actually. Although I can drive, I don't know much about car maintenance or even how to change a tyre, so if my car got stuck in the mud I wouldn't know what to do. Did you ever consider stopping and continuing the journey later, after the ground had firmed up a bit?


LearnEnglish team

Submitted by topsydyla on Fri, 31/03/2023 - 10:50


I remembered a time when I was walking down the road in London City. It was a fine day and I was having a good time strolling around. Suddenly there was a gush of cool breeze touching my face, so welcoming and comforting. Not two seconds later, the nice breeze turned into a fierceful wind. I was pushed to my left n while i was trying to keep my balance, I felt someone holding me. I looked at my right n i saw a small old lady, her hands tightly held to my arm; it was either she was holding me for her dear life, or it was me who needed to be saved. We fought our way into a shop and after having a deep breath we looked at each other laughed our hearts out.

Hi topsydyla,

That's a funny story! But the weather can be like that sometimes in London (I know, I'm from there)! What were you doing in London? 


LearnEnglish team