How do you sleep?

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Joanne: Sleep is really important to me, so I always go to bed early to make sure that I get enough sleep.

Jo: At the moment it's a bit more difficult because I’ve got quite an active brain and I wake up at five o'clock in the morning, but normally I do sleep well. 

Joanna: Unfortunately 'No' is the simple answer to that question for me. At the moment I don't get enough sleep. I think you can probably tell by the dark circles under my eyes. 

Joanne: For me, seven hours is a minimum, but ideally I like to sleep for eight hours.

Jo: OK, so I've got a theory about this and I always try to sleep nine hours, which is amazing, impossible in the week. Or seven and a half hours or six hours is quite good.

Joanna: I think they say eight hours is the ideal amount of sleep. That, for me, would just be impossible these days. I'd be happy with six or seven hours in a row. So continuous hours, that would be amazing.

Jo: My theory is that the number of hours' sleep you have should divide by 1.5. And that's because a sleep cycle is 1.5 hours, so if I wake up in the middle of a cycle, maybe I'm dreaming or, I feel like it just makes me feel really, really tired and grumpy. 

Joanna: It is quite easy for me to get up in the morning because usually I wake up at five o'clock, half past five, and then I'm ready to get up at six, and start my day. My daughter goes to school early, so I'm up with her, having breakfast and then I usually go for a run to really wake me up properly.

Joanne: On weekdays I always set my alarm at 6.40 a.m. and I must say, it is quite hard to get out of bed. But then at weekends, I don't have to get up, so I don’t set my alarm clock, but I still wake up early, usually before seven, which is quite annoying.

Jo: Um, 'No' is the answer!


In this video, members of the LearnEnglish team talk about how they sleep.

Now tell us about you!

  • Do you sleep well?
  • What's your ideal amount of sleep?
  • Is it easy for you to get up in the morning? 

Write a comment or record a voice message and let us know all about your sleep routine!

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Submitted by sundararajan.k… on Wed, 17/05/2023 - 17:20


Hi I love to sleep each night with lot of joy. But due to nightmares sleep get disturbed every night due to lot thing about life. But need to sleep with peace.

Profile picture for user marcelobj

Submitted by marcelobj on Tue, 16/05/2023 - 23:47


I like to be in bed til late in the morning. The quality of my sleep depends on how my life is going on. If have stressful problems, my sleep is bad, I have nightmares, and I wake up many times during the night. In any situation, I don't take medicines for sleep.

Profile picture for user marcelobj

Submitted by marcelobj on Tue, 16/05/2023 - 21:07


The quality of my sleep depends on what is going on in my life. If I'ts happening stressful problems, my sleep is bad, I have nightmares, I wake up many times. In any situation, I don't take medicines for sleep.

Submitted by Chiarachipi on Tue, 16/05/2023 - 11:29


I love sleeping!
Sleeping is my "anti-stress" is the way I disconect my brain from problems and noise. And I can say that I can do it very well: sometimes I can fall in sleep in two minutes.
What's your ideal amount of sleep? At least 7 hours
Is it easy for you to get up in the morning? Absolutely not! I'm an owl, and I like to do things in the silence of the night

Submitted by souksouka on Mon, 15/05/2023 - 15:34


-Yes always I sleep very well at night, for me it's very important to sleep enough time for start a good day
-I need to sleep 8 or 7 hours per night this is ideal for me
-If I've slept early at night I can get up early without any problem

Hi! Thanks for answering our questions! I'm like you, if I've gone to l sleep early I can get up easily and 7-8 hours' sleep is ideal!

Best wishes,

Jo (LearnEnglish team)

Profile picture for user ljustiz

Submitted by ljustiz on Mon, 15/05/2023 - 13:52


Do you sleep well?
Well my favorite time of the day is to get sleep, I adore to sleep, even part of day in the weekend.
What's your ideal amount of sleep?
I try to sleep every day at least 7 hours. I'd prefer to sleep for eight or nine hours, but sometimes I cannot do that because I get sleep later than I want.
Is it easy for you to get up in the morning?
No, it is not. I always want to be on my bed a bit more time and I can get sleep again if I do not get up soon.

Submitted by Janny TSANG on Mon, 15/05/2023 - 10:22


People usually have their own sleep schedule. For example, if you sleep about four hours a day, you will feel that is enough. Because that's the record in your head. But it's not for everyone else. The reason is habitual. So, how long is right for you? When are you in bed? What time you wake up is up to you. You should make a good mental clock that works for you.

Hi! Thanks for your comment! I agree that different people have different sleep patterns and some people need more sleep than others. I think it can depend a lot on your age too, for example I need a lot less sleep now than when I was a teenager! 

Best wishes,

Jo (LearnEnglish team)