Common dreams and what they mean

man falling from sky with umbrella

Dreams can reflect past experiences, our current state of mind or our feelings about the future. Certain dreams are far more common than others. Have you ever had any of these dreams?


Do you ever wake up suddenly and feel as if you've been falling from a great height? Falling is a very common dream, and it can mean that you feel anxious about something or that some part of your life is out of your control. The place you are falling from and the reason why you're falling can be significant in helping you interpret your dream.


Dreams about transport often refer to where we are going in our lives and how we feel about it. Some people say that if you dream you are driving a car, you feel in control of your life. Dreaming about trains could mean that you are moving closer to your goals, or that you need to make more effort to reach them. If you dream that you miss a train or plane, it might mean that you feel you have missed an opportunity in your life.

Losing teeth 

Dreaming that your teeth are falling out could mean that you're dealing with loss. It might be about the end of a relationship, loss of a job or fear of losing something else that is important to you. Losing your teeth in a dream could also be related to stress and feeling that things are out of control. Some experts think losing teeth might be related to fears about appearance, ageing or health. But others are more positive, suggesting this dream might be about change and personal growth.


Many people dream they have the ability to fly. Flying in a dream can be about feeling special or powerful, escaping from boring, everyday situations, or enjoying new possibilities and freedom. But if your flying dream is about looking down on other people or thinking you are invincible, it might teach you a lesson: the higher you fly, the harder you fall!

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  • Have you dreamed about any of these things?
  • Can you suggest any more common dreams and what they could mean?

Have you had the same dream or do you have the same ideas as someone else?

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Submitted by Thin Thin Win on Tue, 27/06/2023 - 04:53


According to our culture, we dream that we see snakes in our dream. It means that we will get a lot of money, luck and success in life. Besides, if a virgin girl is pregnant in our dream, we will face shameful cases in real life.

Submitted by Tramanh_0909 on Tue, 30/05/2023 - 14:59


Have you dreamed about any of these things?
Can you suggest any more common dreams and what they could mean?
Have you had the same dream or do you have the same ideas as someone else?
In my real life, I dreamed only about, that I´m falling down. The other dream didn't happen in me. But I saw in the internet, they say. if you dream like falling that, that's just your brain want to check, that's you are still living. Not another meaning, but maybe it can because of psychology. I´m not sure.
I had some dreams like I´m in fire and my house is too. So I searched this in the internet and they said. It's not a bad dream even though it was terrible for me. They said, something good can come to me or I can get money of somebody. The another dream is my mother dreamed about a situation, she have seen, somebody cam to our home and stole our motorbike. And she waked up suddenly, after that, she was very worried. but in fact the motorbike is just broken and we could use it anymore.
Actually, I usually don´t share my dreams with someone. I just keep it for myself, because I think that's not something important and I always dream about some weird thing, so it's shame for my to share.

Submitted by Prabal Chauhan on Tue, 23/05/2023 - 12:51


Have you dreamed about any of these things?
Yes, too many times i i dreamed about falling from somewhere.
Can you suggest any more common dreams and what they could mean?
Sometimes i have dreamed that my family is too happy, everyone is at home. It means that something good will happen very soon. And another day i received some good news about getting selection in a university.

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Submitted by ljustiz on Mon, 15/05/2023 - 14:53


Yes I have had some of those kind of dream, I have dreamed that I can drive a car or a bicycle very well, the funny part is I cannot drive in my real life. I like those kind of dreams, because I feel really comfortable doing it. I have dreamed also I lose a teeth, and it is a sad one, a few time ago I dreamed I lossed a canine one, holly god! what a weird impression, what a bad sensation.

I have also dreamed about losing the all my teeth, it was horrible! I remember have this kind os dream three times in my life. Never forgot the sansation.

I thought was kind of funny that you can drive in you dreams but not in real life. Perhaps you have everything to achieve this goal in real life and your unconscious is telling you that. I believe you can!