Do these exercises and learn words to talk about shopping.

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Submitted by DzhusAngela on Mon, 22/01/2024 - 09:02


I don't shop food,because this do my parents,but sometimes when I want special food I go to the local supermarket.

Submitted by nursenaoztprk on Sun, 21/01/2024 - 13:21


Yes, I buy food and drink in your local supermarket. I go shopping twice a week.

Submitted by Safe_Mode on Thu, 31/08/2023 - 08:08


I shop for food in my local supermakets. There are three supermarkets around me. I go there every day, sometimes, twice per day or more often.

Submitted by hongthequang on Fri, 28/07/2023 - 09:20


Yes, I buy food in your local supermarket. I go shopping twice a month.

Submitted by Ro Htan on Sun, 23/07/2023 - 17:08


I often go shopping in my local supermarket twice a week. I purchase some food and bread for one week only. Honestly, going shopping is kind of not my cup of tea but I know it is needed for my daily meals. Unfortunately, I am glad I am getting used to it.

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Submitted by Esmat on Sat, 10/12/2022 - 11:04


I am doing grocery ever couple of days to buy urgent things like bread and some fast consuming items however for long using items like food stuff, fruits and vegetables we use to take them at the beginning of every two weeks to take them once rather than doing every day.
also shopping for clothes and home appliances takes time to check better prices and quality from different shops.

Submitted by Eman Samir on Tue, 15/11/2022 - 11:41


Yes. I shop for food in my local supermarket at least twice a week.

Submitted by ptngiau on Thu, 01/09/2022 - 04:28


I often buy food in the supermarkets or shops that are near my house.
I go shopping when I need something and not regularly.

Submitted by yoon 2_tae. on Tue, 28/06/2022 - 10:24


I do shopping once in a month for clothes or food.My mom always do the shopping so I don't often do the shopping.

Submitted by nadyanightingale on Tue, 22/03/2022 - 19:18


I go shopping for food twice a week. And I'd rather buy clothes online. But for food I usually fo to a supermarket. There're three or four supermarkets around our house.