Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.

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Submitted by Park Vinh Lee on Sun, 07/04/2024 - 10:10


I can speak, listen and type at the same time. One of the most actions that I do most is speak. I speak with my friend, my family and stranger. It help me improve my communication and confidence. I can make many friend and learn many valuable lessons. In conclusion, speaking is one of the most actions that I do most.

Submitted by huy.le on Wed, 28/02/2024 - 10:59


I can both listen music and read book at the same time. The action I do most in my days is using my PC. It relates to my career and learning.

Submitted by Firebuzz on Tue, 27/02/2024 - 16:03


i learned news words, actions name and there past tense: smile, type, touch, write, speak, sleep, draw, eat... I love this website.

Submitted by boug on Sun, 25/02/2024 - 23:11


i can do much action at same time, i can  read , listen and look, at same mement.

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Submitted by Alejo_md on Sat, 17/02/2024 - 23:15


I can write and listen music to the same time.

Submitted by ALi20 on Sun, 11/02/2024 - 08:01


i can drive and listen to music

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Submitted by JERRY ELEVEN on Fri, 02/02/2024 - 14:16


I can do tre action at the same Time. Other action that I like to do is swim, run at all morning and play Football.

Submitted by lopes123 on Wed, 31/01/2024 - 02:01



Submitted by Imane Al herchi on Tue, 02/01/2024 - 12:05


I can watch a show and eat at the same time. Other actions I due during the day: walking, swimming, drinking...

Submitted by DanEnglish on Tue, 26/12/2023 - 07:29


How many of these actions can you do at the same time? What other actions do you do most days?
I can read and listen, both at the same time. I learn every day, this is the action that i do most days.