Four conversations

Four conversations

Listen to four conversations to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.




Man: How did it go?

Woman: Umm, I think it went quite well. I did a lot of research and prepared a lot. I was in there for ... I don't know ... half an hour?

Man: And? What did they say?

Woman: Nothing much. At the end I asked them, 'What happens now?', and the woman said, 'We'll call you back with news in three or four days.'

Man: Really?

Woman: Yeah, I think I've got the job. There weren't a lot of other people there. I was the only interview that day, you know?

Man: Well, good luck with it.


Man: Anyway, you were saying ...

Woman: Oh, yeah, um ... let's see. Yes, so I was in the museum and there were, I don't know, a hundred people waiting to get into the room. Finally, I got in, and I tried to see the Mona Lisa but I couldn't look at it.

Man: Why not?

Woman: Because the room was filled with people taking photographs of it!

Man: Oh, right.

Woman: Yes! And selfies.

Man: Wait a minute. You can take photos while you're in there?

Woman: Yes, but you can't use flash. I don't know ... Why do we take photos of everything we see when we travel?

Man: I know. And we never look at the photos after.

Woman: Exactly! I'm tired of always taking photos. I don't feel I'm enjoying things.


Man: Who took this?

Woman: I can't remember. Hmmm ...

Man: What am I doing?

Woman: You're sitting on the sofa, watching TV and eating chocolates. Nothing changes!

Man: Ha! Very funny. You look very young, though.

Woman: I know. Look at my hair – it was so long!

Man: Mine too, look at me! Hey … I think I know who took this photo.

Woman: Umm … who? Was it Dad?

Man: No, it wasn’t Dad or Mum. Do you remember Barry?

Woman: No.

Man: Yes, YES! You do remember. Barry, your boyfriend at high school. You were seventeen and he was sixteen and he was so very polite: 'Hello, I'm Barry. It's very nice to meet you ...'

Woman: Stop it! He was nice.

Man: Yeah, well, he took the photo.


Woman: Let's see. OK. I'm glad we could talk about this. It's not easy to say.

Man: What?

Woman: Well, you're not in our group – for the class project.

Man: What do you mean? You know I'm always in a group with you.

Woman: I know. It's just that this time … this time we made the group differently and because you were late ...

Man: I see. You don't want me in the group?

Woman: No, no. It isn't that. It's that we've already made the group, see? There's four of us already.

Man: So? We can't be a group of five?

Woman: Well, the teacher said four people per group.

Man: Oh.

Woman: It's not about you or your work or anything like that. It's ... errrr ... well, we already have the group.

Man: So I have to find another group.

Woman: I'm sorry.

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Profile picture for user afredo_954

Submitted by afredo_954 on Sat, 13/07/2024 - 22:25


It's curious because I have learned English by myself and I've not practiced a lot with daily and routinely conversations. Many times the way I practice is reading or listening something in English and watching YouTube videos.

In this practice I've learned expressions like: 
- Let's see
- It went quite well 

Submitted by gathoc on Wed, 10/07/2024 - 08:42


Three days ago, i saw some pictures of my high school classmates. I have asked myseft: Why did i took photograb with people at that time. And i suddenly remember that: i had a terrible time and i dont want to remember it 

Submitted by KelvinDo on Sat, 15/06/2024 - 04:11


Have you ever had a similar conversation?

I had a similar conversation with my new friend on the English app. We practice speaking English together. We talked about country, food, travel, habits... and we also helped each other with how we can improve our English skills. We made another new appointment to practice English when we finished the conversation.

 What new phrases did you learn in these conversations?

Because the room was filled with people taking photographs of it!

we never look at the photos after


Submitted by ubaid332 on Wed, 15/05/2024 - 09:01


Yes, I had similar conversation with my friend when I given my interview in a job. I asked my friend about questions they asked and how well he perform the interview.

In another conversation, I had with my brother in a museum he insisted I look at an antique that was unique. I tried to take a photo but he doesn't like to take photos he suggested that we never look at these pictures later.

Moreover, when I looked at my old photos, I was very young and my head hair was filled and black. 

Lastly, when I asked my friend why he did not add me to a group because everytime I and you are work together he replied to me that teacher makes this group and he arranges people of this group.

In this lesson, I learn more conversational words like "alright", "umm", "it's okay" etc.

Profile picture for user BRENDA_HONEYVILLA

Submitted by BRENDA_HONEYVILLA on Wed, 20/03/2024 - 23:07


Have you ever had a similar conversation? What new phrases did you learn in these conversations?

Yes, the last time I had a similar conversation was at my job with my coworker. We talked about how we found the job and had the interview with my new boss. Later, we had a conversation about college and where we studied English last time.


Profile picture for user CanVD11

Submitted by CanVD11 on Wed, 20/03/2024 - 13:44


Have you ever had a similar conversation? What new phrases did you learn in these conversations?

I have several related conversations. When I was in a university class, I had a best friend, I and he was always in the common project group. But one day, his group was full and I had to find another group. I was really disappointed at that time. 

Last month, I and my brother found some old family pictures, and my brother told me that I looked cute and young, then we talked about our old story regarding this picture. It is an unforgettable memory, once I remember it, I feel happy and temporarily forget all the pressure of daily jobs

The four conversations above are really useful to me, I learned many structures and grammar from it, even new vocabulary of various daily topics interviews, and daily communications, especially learned how to express my opinion like when I was thinking before response each other, "Hmm, Right, Wait a minute" for example, all situations were very helpful, I believe I can improve my English skills rapidly if I learn carefully and practice it. 

Profile picture for user Stellayennipham

Submitted by Stellayennipham on Fri, 15/03/2024 - 14:10



Have you ever had a similar conversation? 

I have so many conversations similar to those in the audio but all of them are in Vietnamese. I wish I could use English in my daily life, not just in books or notebooks. However, I am trying to imagine myself speaking English and practising with me myself. 

What new phrases did you learn in these conversations?

  • I'm tired of always taking photos, I don't feel I'm enjoying things.
  • It's not about you, your work or anything like that, well, umm... we already have the group.

Submitted by Jim34 on Mon, 29/01/2024 - 16:47


Have you ever had a similar conversation? What new phrases did you learn in these conversations?
I've never really had a conversation in English with another person. I don't know where I can find people to talk to. Another reason is that I'm still learning, so I'm very insecure about my speaking skills and my pronunciation.
Everything about the four conversations was so interesting to me, so I learned a lot of phrases and expressions I could use in the future.

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Submitted by on Wed, 17/01/2024 - 17:26


Unfortunately not, but I'm very glad to review them because if I remember to use these expressions I can interact much better with people who speak English, and my speech will sound more natural.

Submitted by DzhusAngela on Tue, 26/12/2023 - 09:43


I had similar conversation about picture in the museum and family photo.In these conversations I learned two phrases:"Ive got a job" and "I got in".