In this video, Paul says sorry for making Noelia fall over. Listen to the language they use for apologising and practise saying the useful phrases.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.


Ana: Hi! I'm Ana. Welcome to What to Say!

Do you know what to say when you want to apologise? Listen out for useful language for apologising. Then, we'll practise saying the new phrases – after this.


Paul: Noelia! I am so sorry! Are you OK?

Noelia: I think so. That was lucky.

Paul: I'm really sorry! I didn't see you!

Noelia: That's all right. I shouldn't have been running.

Paul: No, no, I should have been paying attention. 

Noelia: And they teach you not to run inside at school!

Paul: Still, it was my fault and I'm sorry.

Noelia: I'm sorry too. It was both of us. Honestly, it's fine. I'm fine. Don't worry about it. Hey, I saved the laptop though!

Bob: Yeah, I'll be there in …

Noelia: Oh no!

Bob: Uh oh!

Paul: Ahhhh … 


Ana: Hello again! Ooh, I hope Noelia's OK. So, did you notice the useful phrases used for apologising? Listen to me and then repeat. 


I'm so sorry!

I'm really sorry!

That's all right.

It was my fault.

I'm sorry too.

Honestly, it's fine.

Don't worry about it.


Ana: Try and use some of these phrases the next time you want to apologise in English. Bye for now!



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Submitted by Kanyamas on Wed, 03/07/2024 - 08:15


I bumped against somebody yesterday.

Submitted by 黃沛宸 on Sun, 16/06/2024 - 07:30


Last week, I accidentally ate my sister's cookies. I apologized and bought her a new cookie.

Submitted by cjx.6969 on Fri, 07/06/2024 - 07:01


My roommate is too cute so that I took a lot of ugly photos from her,and she is very angry.

I apologize for this rude behavior.

She forgiven me,ang we made peace.

Submitted by 211101 on Fri, 07/06/2024 - 06:58


Remember at last Saturday.I forgot to throw the trash.fortunately my mom forgive me.

Submitted by 216218 on Fri, 07/06/2024 - 06:57


lt just happened a few minutes ago. I laughed when we were recording the song for my music classes due to the funny lyrics. Because of my laughter, we had to record the song again. That was so bad for us because we didn't have that much time to finish my work. I apologized to my partners. My mistake really messed up the rhythm.

Submitted by happy1234 on Fri, 07/06/2024 - 06:56


The last time I said sorry was 5 days ago. I accidentally ran into a passer-by. I said sorry to her and she forgave me.

Submitted by 216102 on Fri, 07/06/2024 - 06:56


I am sorry about corrupting.

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Submitted by 211202 on Fri, 07/06/2024 - 06:55


Last week, I accidentally stepped on the shoes of the person in front of me while walking. After that, I sincerely apologized to him.

Submitted by 오리 on Fri, 07/06/2024 - 06:55


Last time I sent some messages to my friend and accidentally made her angry. She was very unhappy, so I apologized to her and she forgave me.

Submitted by zpx on Fri, 07/06/2024 - 06:54


I gave an apologize to my boyfriend last mouth because I was  told him to break up ,I said sorry to him.