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Ashlie in costume

Ashlie is preparing her costume for the Notting Hill Carnival and Stephen learns some new dance moves.


Can you identify these objects from around the house?


Spelling is terrifying! Can you spell quickly or will your fear be too much?

Business Magazine - Achievement

Achievement is an important competency given that the more you can achieve, the better your prospects will be when it comes to looking for a new job.

Unit 2: Sending and receiving emails

Learn how to talk about the different parts of an email in English.

IELTS Listening tips

Do you want a good score in IELTS listening? Watch this video to see how three students scored Band 7.


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28 April, 2017 - 09:04
Hello MCWSL, In general, the condition described in the condition part of a conditional sentence happens first, but I'm afraid I don't want to make generalisations beyond that. Language didn't...
28 April, 2017 - 09:04
Hello gacir, I'm afraid that this is a service we don't provide. In any case, there is no-one currently on our team who knows French well enough to help you with this. You might want to consider the...
28 April, 2017 - 09:04
Hello waleed mansi, Grammar is how words are put together and how they change to construct meaning. It's great to try to learn grammar from sentences that you find, but it's probably best to have a...