What do people eat in the UK? Do these exercises and learn words for some common foods in Britain.



I ate a fried egg for breakfast every day and bread with butter, it's very delicious. Actually, I really want to eat salad but my stomach doesn't want it.
Ok, just it about my favorite food from Britania. Thank you

hi there ;
ı coudlnt see olive,tomato,honey in this activity but ı am sure we eat these in breakfast too

I usually eat bread , cheese and fresh vegetable salad made from tomato, pepper and cucumber for breakfast.
In my country people usually eat a pie with cheese or meat (we called it burek), a croissant, a donut etc. Some people eat a veal/chicken soup or sandwich with kebabs or hamburger.

I really like beans, chesee , egg , bread and sald. I also like eating rice, potato and pizza

I love eat and I like all these foods. I also like to eat pizza, hamburger and almost all foods in the world hahaha :)

I love cheese and usually eat it with bread and some times with jam. I've never eaten a porridge, so I have to taste it

I like egg, cheese, beans, chip, butter. I often eat the food made from without animals. I dislike sweet foods.

I am vegetarian but I don’t eat cheese. I like all kind of vegetables and fresh fruits. I like eat seeds of dried fruit and all kind of tropical fruits. I like to use spieces a lot, expecially fresh ginger.

As for me, I usually eat porridge ,vegetables, cheese, some piece of bread and drink tea with lemon or jam or drink coffee. I didn't eat chips,because it seems to me that is a danger for health.