BCSW - Meeting friends

In this first episode our friends meet up in a café.

BCSW - Job Offer

Johnny, Olivia and Fadi all offer jobs to Harry. What should he do? Written by Chris Rose.

BCSW - Kicked out

Harry sure is good at his job as he doesn’t come cheap! Written by Chris Rose.

BCSW - We have a mission

Sarah will be kicked out of her flat soon and so everyone is on a mission… Written by Chris Rose.

BCSW - Fadi to the rescue

Sarah, Olivia, Harry and Johnny are all looking glum, but Fadi is here to solve their problems.

BCSW - He's a pest

Joe the 4-year-old nephew - is he a pest or just a sweet little boy? Written by Chris Rose.

BCSW - Cheer up

Magda will finish her degree soon and wants to work in London as an architect.

BCSW - I'll be rich in three years

'I’ll be rich in 3 years!’ Johnny has a vision of where he will be going!

BCSW - My injured leg

Interview advice from poor Johnny the injured footballer. Written by Chris Rose.

Two characters from Big City Small World

Can Magda get her dream job by following Johnny’s interview advice? Written by Chris Rose.

BCSW - I'm an architect

Magda receives the result of her job interview, whilst Sarah continues to have problems with her house.

BCSW - Good news & bad news

In the final episode of this season, find out about Magda's new job and how Sarah deals with her intrusive landlord. Harry has some surprising news and Johnny has a big decision.

Olivia from BCSW

The old friends are gathering around in Tony's café to share some good news. But the café might be closing down soon! Written by Chris Rose.

Carlos from BCSW

Carlos, the aspiring chef, shows up out of the blue - but he might help save the café.

Written by Chris Rose.


Everyone, including Harry's new girlfriend, is thinking of ways to keep Tony's café, but Magda's new job is to tear it down!

Written by Chris Rose.


Sarah knows a "secret" about the building in which the café is situated. Will this save the café?

Written by Chris Rose.


Bindyu has done something to save the café, but is it the right thing to do?

Written by Chris Rose.


Johnny is back! But is he back for good? And Carlos is going to tell us something really important...

Written by Chris Rose.


Our friends are staying here for Christmas. Find out if they are spending this festive season alone.

Written by Chris Rose. 


What are Johnny and his friends going to do for New Year's Eve? Is Carlos finally asking Sarah out on a date?

Written by Chris Rose.


Everyone is talking about their New Year's resolutions but why does Carlos feel so shy about mentioning his?

Written by Chris Rose.


Sarah finally agrees to go out with Carlos but they have no idea where to go. And is Fadi really jealous of Harry for spending a lot of time with Olivia?

Written by Chris Rose.


Carlos and Sarah's first date turns out to be a disaster! What exactly has happened?

Written by Chris Rose.


Carlos and Sarah's second date doesn't turn out great either. Will their relationship work out?

Written by Chris Rose.


The start of Series 3 brings bad news. Tony's Café has been burgled! Or has it?

Written by Chris Rose.


The architect's company Magda works for is listed for a prize, and Magda's design is going to surprise everyone. And how are things going between Fadi and Olivia? Written by Chris Rose.


The boys at the café are talking about girls and Harry reveals an exciting decision! What is it?

Written by Chris Rose.


No one really enjoys the food sold in Tony's Café but Carlos is here to save everyone!

Written by Chris Rose.


There is a heated discussion on environmental issues. How green are the gang?

Written by Chris Rose.


Johnny is always dreaming of becoming rich, so Fadi's big idea excites him! What is Fadi's business proposition, and will it make them millionaires?

Written by Chris Rose.


Sarah is angry with Carlos for working as a chef in the café. Is she going to dump him? Written by Chris Rose.


Fadi has spent most of the money that Johnny and Harry invested. Can he convince them to put in more capital again? Written by Chris Rose.


It seems that Fadi has secured the necessary investment for his business. How? Written by Chris Rose.


Harry wants to meet Bindyu's parents but she fears that her family won't like him. Why? Written by Chris Rose.


Business-minded Johnny is busy as always, while Harry has an important question in mind. What is it? Written by Chris Rose.


Harry is going to ask a very important question and Carlos has a piece of good news to share. Is it going to be a happy ending? Written by Chris Rose.


Get to know a little about the Big City Small World audio soap by reading the FAQs.


Meet Harry Wakefield - he is from London and is an IT systems consultant.


Meet Magda Gorzynski who comes from Poland and is a student in London.


Meet Johnny Chan - he is from Hong Kong and he came to Britain to make money!


Meet Sarah Zhang - she is from China and has lots of friends from all over the world.


Meet Fadi who comes from the Lebanon, but has lived in London since he was a kid.


Meet Olivia Barbieri - her surname is Italian but she was born in London.

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