Bindyu has done something to save the café, but is it the right thing to do?

Written by Chris Rose.

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How well do you know how to use articles in English? 



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We don't have in Argentina any journalist as Bindyu. They all work for the Powers and would sell their soul for ten dollars (or less).

I think to do a good journalism is always to pursuit the true , to be impartial don´t take part of one side , i do believe it is most difficult thing and never reveal your source

Hy! I've just tested my English and I scored 80. I find this serial really funny and quite addictive too; I wonder if there is something similar a little bit more challenging.
Thanks a lot

Hello Oby Catherine,

You can search for material in several ways and one way is by level. As you can see, this material has the tags A2 and B1, which describe its level. You could search for material at the higher B2 level using this page. You can also search by topic there.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello teachers,
I found this sites several days ago. I think it’s very helpful. Thanks for offering so much useful information to help us learning English. I’d like to ask a question about this episode:
I found two sentences including the word “threatened”. I noticed that each of them followed a different preposition. Could you please explain it for me? Thanks.
“Historic buildings threatened by new development
“We have discovered that Tony’s Café and the shoe shop threatened with demolition are actually historic buildings...”

Hello Sunny2015,

The first sentence is a passive construction and so 'by' is used to show the agent/subject. If you make the sentence active then the 'by construction disappears:

'New development threatens historic buildings.'

The second sentence is an example of the preposition 'with' which is commonly used with 'threaten' to show the method, not the actor. It can used in active and passive constructions:

The cafe is threatened with destruction by the project.

The project threatens the cafe with destuction.

I hope that clarifies it for you.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

It`s wonderful! The videos are brilliant!

Dear LearnEnglish Team
Can you explain the sentence "The building company already know" mean?. I see you explained " the sentence is an active sentence which tells us that the company has some information" But I can't understand. Can you explain more clearly? Thanks!

Hello quynhanhNT,

Don't forget the third-person 's' on the end of 'know':

The building company already knows.

In English we sometimes anthropomorphise objects, which means to give human characteristics to inanimate objects. Obviously, a company does not have a brain - it is a legal status, not a person. However, we can anthropomorphise it, to say that 'the company likes this product', or 'the company is in pain at the moment' - or that 'the company already knows'. It is treating 'the company' as if it were a person, with a brain and a capacity for knowledge.

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The LearnEnglish Team