Richard finds out about all the different kinds of English and talks to some of the hundreds of thousands of students who come to Great Britain to learn English every year.

Task 1

Order the events in the video.


Task 2

Choose the right answer.


Task 3

Put the right word in each space to complete the sentences.


Task 4

Be careful - not all adverbs need -ly! Add -ly if it is needed.






Hello, I'm from Spain and all these tasks are helping me to learn english. I'm spending my summer in London working as an au pair and it's difficult to find out a good and cheap english academy. I was attending a course last july, but in summer, english courses are more expensive than in others months.
I have to say that there are more ways to learn english, instead going to an academy, which costs you so much money and sometimes don't really help you...
There are hundreds of web pages like this you can use, newspapers, books, music, films, series online with subtitles... don't be lazy and check it out! 
And when you think you're prepared, you can improve your speaking skills meeting up with native speakers in your own country.
Cheers!! :)

Hello!!! My name is Claudia. I`ll be in Londres soon. I think this tape is really great. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

I consider English to be the world's most widely used language because it is the international language of communication not only between normal people, but also between politicians and businessmen. It is much more simple to learn one language than some languages. Another reason is that London is the world's financial center. The United Kingdom and the United States of America are the most industrial developed countries consequently it provides spreading of English language. The advantages of learning English language in an English-speaking country are practicing English in everyday situations and learning cultures and traditions of the Unites Kingdom. So studying English is an additional plus.
With respect,
Klimova Tanya